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Red Skullz
21-05-2011, 14:20

I`m tuning my competetive-friendly army into something more a tad more competetive rather than friendly.

Here it is:

HEROES - 365 pts - 24%
- Flayed Hauberk
Wight King
- Extra spell
- Extra spell
- Nightmare

I`m very happy with this part, lot`s of grinding magic capacity on the three necromancer spells. Only thing is that per now I run the necromancers solo, should I bunker them?

CORE - 597 pts - 40%
23*Skeletons w/spears & full cdo
20*Crypt Ghouls w/Ghast
5*Dire Wolfes
5*Dire Wolfes
25*Zombies w/musician & standard bearer[/quote]

Skeletons are my main block now with the Vamp and BsB. They work rather well imo.
Crypt Ghouls. Probably got too few compared to the lists I`ve seen but until I`ve playtested these more it`ll stay as is.
Dire Wolfes*2, screens for the proper cav units.
Zombies, obligatory tar pit and they belong in a VC army (again imo).

SPECIAL - 205 pts - 14%
6*Black Knights w/full cdo
- Banner of the Barrows

Love this unit, perfect sized, can do very surprising charges. Do need the banner though..
Only thing I feel lacking in the specials department is Grave Guards. This is also the only unit I would want to run 30+ of.

RARE - 325 pts - 22%
5*Blood Knights w/full cdo

My monster slayers. Very comfortable having this unit but miss my wraiths..


To be honest I`m more fluff based than competetive, so I won`t be running 2*30+ ghouls just because that`s the default. I want to do the best with what I have, but tweaking is needed :)


Red Skullz
21-05-2011, 18:57
After several people telling me the list is to friendly I`ve given it a new go. Here`s my revised list:

LORDS - 265 pts - 18%
Vampire Lord
- Biting Blade, -1 armour save
- Flayed Hauberk, 2+ armour save
- Dark Acolyte, extra magic level

The Vamp Lord will be put into the Grave Guard unit.

HEROES - 205 pts - 14%
Wight King
- BsB
- Royal Banner of Strigos

- Extra spell

Wight King with the Grave Guard unit.
Necromancer bunkered in the Skellie unit.

CORE - 431 pts - 29%
19*Skeletons w/spears & full cdo

25*Crypt Ghouls w/Ghast

5*Dire Wolfes

Skeletons will be bunker for Necromancer, stay on one flank of the Grave Guard unit.
Crypt Ghouls reinforced, stays on the other flank of the Grave Guard unit
Dire Wolfes, to assist the Black Knights / give them cover.

SPECIAL - 599 pts - 40%
6*Black Knights w/full cdo

28*Grave Guard w/full cdo
- Great Weapons
- Banner of the Barrows

Black Knights. Can`t rid myself of this unit, it stays even with cutting the banner..
Grave Guard. Well they`re in..with the Vamp Lord and BsB and two magical banners these guys will be a tough nut - BUT should they be deployed in horde formation or standard???


Opinions please :)