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22-05-2011, 03:50
I've got the 2011 Summer Incursion at Maelstrom games in less than a month, it's no comp (beyond no special characters) and then the usual sensible house rules.

I'm looking at taking a tough list, but still one that's pretty balanced (by balanced I mean can compete everywhere and has no real weaknesses, not weak)

Here's what I'm thinking, let me know what you think:

Dreadlord, dark steed, heavy armour, SDC, shield, Sword of Might, Pendant of Khaeleth, Dragonhelm, Crown of Command (slight edit on my usual Chuck as per my thoughts from Call to War, link to those games in my signature)

Shadow level 4, Lifetaker, Sacrificial Dagger, Ironcurse Icon

Fire level 1, Dispel Scroll

Cauldron BSB

10 xbows, musician

10 xbows, musician

10 xbows, musician

15 warriors, musician

25 corsairs, standard bearer, musician, frenzy banner

5 harpies

5 harpies

25 Witches, standard bearer, musician, flaming banner

6 shades, additional hand weapons

6 shades, additional hand weapons

War Hydra

I did think of the second hydra, but I think there are better ways to spend the 175pts. Also, most people will go expecting to deal with at least one, and if you an deal with one you can deal with two.


22-05-2011, 14:17
Your Spearmen seem a little few, mayby up them to 25-30 (if you can find the points).

Don Zeko
22-05-2011, 19:25
Your Spearmen seem a little few, mayby up them to 25-30 (if you can find the points).

He's using them as a power dice bunker, not a fighting unit.

22-05-2011, 19:36
I'd take out the shades for chariots... I love chariots... and shades aren't as good as they used to be... Or dark riders, dark riders are cool...

22-05-2011, 20:42
I've tried Chariots and while they're still ok, I've always found shades to be better.

Also, I've not found dark riders to be so good any more- in 8th edition, now that they can't hide, they always seem to get picked off very very easily. In a tournament, giving up 117 points very easily is a big no-no, seeing as that's a whole tournament point under the 20-0 system.

Don's got it right, the only reason those spears should die is because my level 4 stabs them :D

23-05-2011, 08:24
any reason why the lord isn't on a pegasus? i thought that was a better build.

23-05-2011, 09:53
It is, but it's too many points in Lords- and the pegasus is not, in my opinion, worth more than the Sacrificial Dagger or Lifetaker.