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22-05-2011, 06:22
So, I've run out of Battletech minis to paint (all 80+ which will be posted shortly, as soon as I can manage to take DECENT PICTURES OF THEM), but I'm moving on to other things these next few weeks: My Bloodbowl Goblin team (which I've converted from a box of plastic Warhammer Fantasy Battle Goblins), some Super Dungeon Explore!! minis that my girlfriend fell in love with and wants to learn how to paint, stuff for my Shadowrun car chases (I'm repurposing Hotwheels cars and bought some 15mm motorcycles to use for the frequent car chases that come up), my Necromunda Goliaths and Ratskin Renegades, and the generic fantasy minis for use in D&D and other games...

But first, I decided to paint up a garage kit of Priss Asagiri from Bubblegum Crisis that I've owned for eight years and never touched paintbrush to. It's roughly 8 inches tall, making it a 1/8th model - and I included a Locust and a Necromunda Escher Juve to give some idea of scale.

It took me two days of painting, but I'm quite happy with the results.


Basic front view; it's supposed to be the 'iconic' moment that Priss ejects out of her armor... that never actually shows from this angle in the actual anime, it's just a promo pic that the garage kit maker decided to copy. I like how I did the katakana on Priss's base; it shows up quite nicely from a distance.

Closeup of her face and the knife/pistol. The eyes need a line around the pupil to bring out the pupil more, but unfortunately I wrecked my last detail brush while doing this gal.

One thing I learned how to do while painting her was the non-metallic metal painting; while I like how it showed up on the knife it's harder to do on a gun. Still, it seemed to turn out all right if not perfect.

(one thing that doesn't show up in these pictures is that the sculptor decided she would be, ah, nippin' a bit; I'm glad that's mostly hidden by the black bodysuit.)

A rear view - because you know you wanted it. :p

The next project I've put on my table is my Goblin Bloodbowl team, Da Bigstink Stealas. Unfortunately, the pictures I took didn't turn out for the most part, except for the Pogo Stikker I made.

The fun thing about Goblin teams is that they mostly... suck. But they get plenty of Secret Weapons, such as Chainsaws, bombs, giant balls and chains, and pogo sticks. I wanted to make a pogo stikker that actually used giant springs on his feet to make him go FASTER, jump HIGHER, and LIVE.... well, actually, probably a lot less than his comrades.


22-05-2011, 13:27
:D This is awesome. I'm a big fan of Bubblegum Crisis and while I really don't see the appeal in these large resin statues, this one is one of those I'd really like to have on my shelf. :)

Painting looks good and from what I can see you got the tone of the colous perfectly. I think the picture was on the first BGC VHS cover but on none of the DVDs I got (the "remastered and packed with extras" set).

Springs on the Gobbo's feet look awesome. :)

22-05-2011, 16:38
goblins team for the win! :) Looking forward to see your modeling and painting work on the bloodbowl front.