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23-05-2011, 04:09
Hey all - I'll edit this later to provide more detail, but I went to get the thread down before I start to forget some of the key things in this battle report. I took daemons to the local 'ard boyz and took 2nd, but I didn't think that my list would do well at the next round so I decided to take Empire. I build this list on the assumption that a fair number of daemon, VC, and Tomb King players would be there.

The List

Arch Lector @ 305 points

War Altar, Armor of Meteoric Iron, Dawnstone, Van Horstmanís Speculum

Wizard Lord @ 375
Folding Fortress, Level 3 (Light)

Captain @ 123
Full Plate, Enchanted Shield, White Cloak, BSB

Wizard @ 90
Level 1 (Light), Dispel Scroll

Wizard @ 100
Level 1 (Light), Rod of Power

Wizard @ 65
Level 1 (Light)

3 Engineers @ 65 per model

Halberdiers @ 265
49, Full Command

2x Halberdiers @ 270
50, Full Command

Free Company @ 115

Cannon @ 100
Cannon @ 100
Cannon @ 100

Mortar @ 75
Mortar @ 75
Mortar @ 75

Steam Tank @ 300

Total: 2998

Lore of Light spam to buff the horde units, but more importantly to give me potentially two Banishments per turn - one at s8, one at s7 (the Arch Lector gets to cast one as a bound spell). Against undead/daemons instead of 2d6 hits it is up to 3d6.

Game One: WoC led by Archaon

His list had two hellcannons, Archaon leading the Swords of Chaos, two 20 man warriors of chaos units, a unit of trolls led by Throgg, and a warshrine.

I deployed a halberd unit on my right flank, then the folding fortress, the other two halberd units on its left. The steam tank was on the left flank, with the archlector hanging out near the tower on the left hand side. He deployed a chaos warrior unit with his bsb on my right side, Throgg's unit in the middle, the swords of chaos center-left, and the other chaos warrior unit left side. His helcannons were in the back on my left side.

I got first turn, and I made a mistake. I got banishment off on his swords of chaos, generating 9 s8 hits. Then he told me he had a 2+ save versus magic. Even with banishment rerolling his successful wards, I didn't kill anyone. In this game, I should have focused the banishments on his trolls and spent more time buffing my units.

I had my cannons focus on his hellcannons to get the juicy 16 kill points, and to prevent my vulnerable war machines from getting pegged. He spent the first turn trying to nuke my arch lector, but I passed all my ward saves.

I put my steam tank out to bog down Archaon/Swords of Chaos for a few turns, even if that meant losing the 8 kill points. He charged his BSB led warrior units into my halberds one turn earlier than I expected - he rolled an 11 on his charge and got in. They fled, and rolled high enough to escape but avoided running into my war machines that were behind them. Throgg charged into my center halberds, and his did his vomit attack on my BSB, I killed three trolls, but he killed enough guys to force a steadfast check.

My right unit rallied, and I gave them Timewarp, and got the WS 10 I 10 bubble off as well. He didn't think highly of those spells, but that would come back to haunt him when I put like 17 wounds on his warrior unit. He made some good saves, and killed a good # of guys and combat continued. I put 7 wounds on the Throgg unit but he saved every single one from regen, and my BSB died to his vomit attack. I should have challenged Throgg with a champion to stop that from happening.

My steam tank continued to hold Archaon down while my cannons took out his hellcannons.

In his next turn he wiped out my steam tank and broke my right halberdiers, crashing into two of my mortars. My bunker unit in the tower with all the wizards fled out of the tower in panic. He killed the warmachines and realigned to face that squishy unit.

Then, the magic happened to turn this game around. I shot a cannon at Archaon. He rolled a 1 to fail look out sir. He failed his ward save. I caused 6 wounds. Dead Archaon. My center halberds killed off the trolls and chased down Throgg after he failed his check. Nice x2. I managed to intervene my arch lector between his right flank warriors and my caster unit - which I thought would be great until he failed to do anything in the challenge and broke and got run down.

At the end of the game, he killed a couple war machines with his swords of chaos and then let them run off the board to avoid a banishment giving me some kill points. His other warrior unit and warshrine charged my left halberd unit. I was confident because my mortars had been blasting that chaos warrior unit down to just 9 models. In the end, both the war shrine and chaos warriors failed their break test and I ran the war shrine down. My wizards killled off the right warriors (what was left of them) with banishment, and an assist from group shot from one of my surviving cannons.

He got 41 kill points, I got 39. That was a draw, and I was still in the fight with 12 BPs (10 for draw, 2 for bonus objectives). More about games 2 and 3 later.

23-05-2011, 06:18
Awesome man, thanks for posting your list.

Oh and congrats :).

23-05-2011, 16:43
Round 2

I played Warriors of Chaos again. This time, he had a huge horde of khorne marauders with flails, and horde of khorne warriors who have eternal frenzy, and a unit of tzeentch warriors with his BSB, caster, and general in it. He has two warshrines in tow.

He had the marauders on my left, his khorne warriors in my center flank, and tzeentch on the right - war shrines behind the units.

From left to right: I had two mortars on my far left (curse you dawn attack!), halberd, tower (w/ free company and wizards), halberd w/ bsb, halberd, then two cannons on the right with the steam tank in guard. A cannon and mortar were behind my infantry. I had first turn.

The fanatic moves to the perfect spot for me - 5 inches in front of my steam tank. I generated the points, landed on the fanatic with the steam tank, and survived the 2d6 hits with no wounds. I had my mortars blow the snot out of his marauders, taking them down to 16 guys. The cannons tried to force look out sir checks on his characters, and he failed one on his general but I rolled a one to wound ><. Damn!

The rest of the battle progressed swimmingly. I whittled his units down until he closed in. His marauders - 9 by the time he gets to my line - go after my mortars. I couldn't get them to zero in time, and I couldn't afford banishments because I had to buff the units for close combat.

His khorne unit charged my left halberd unit, so I flank charged with my center unit. My right unit dealt with his tzeetnch block, and after a turn I got my steam tank in there to grind out wounds. I learned in this game that although Timewarp sounds great, it is much cheaper to get the WS10/I10 bubble off, and generated a LOT of wounds on him. He conceded on the top of turn 6 after he had only his marauders and a handful of khorne warriors left.

So a pretty straightforward report and result. The guns killed enough to make my units steadfast for most of the game, despite the carnage his khorne warriors caused.

I got the full 26 battlepoints from the game, vaulting me to first place going into round 3.

26-05-2011, 18:21
Yup that's a strong list alright...

26-05-2011, 20:57
good going, looking forward to round 3 (and lore of light is indeed neat)