View Full Version : Emperors champion Idea.

24-05-2011, 23:08
Ok with the resin one comming out soon I have decided I must buy him. Should I like the end result it will probs end up with me making a full templar army. I was wondering if anyone knew how big the flaming sword in the empire wixard kit is? I was thinking of replacing his standard one with that. Also going to give him a halo or somthing, if anyone knows a kit that comes with one that would be greatly apreciated. And finally perhaps some kinda of cloak or maybe the cloth from saint celstiane?? I think it could look quite good given a little effort.

Oh and any advice on painting dirty white armour? Im think white knight crusader army ya' know? undercoat black, use spray gun for a grey then white layer? perhaps wash with sepia to make it dirty looking and touch up the more flat areas with white? So yeah, any thoughts? I want to make this look awesome! Will post a pic if I decide to do it :)

24-05-2011, 23:33
Id try the Vallejo pale wash. Heres a review of them:


Also you cant go wrong with devlan mud.

25-05-2011, 00:29
That pale wash looks perfect... :P