View Full Version : vanhel's and 8th edition faq

25-05-2011, 18:10
can a vampire cast this spell on himself (and his own unit)?
i know that it states a "friendly unit within 12"
or a spell has to specify something like "the caster and the unit he is with" in the 8th edition in order to be cast this way! (like many spells do)

i think some errata where published about the "shield of saphery" using the same terminology and you couldn't cast it on the unit the mage was in.

any help would be valuable

25-05-2011, 18:50
I would say the unit he is in is within 12" of himself, a single model does count as a unit of one, so even on his own he could indeed cast it on himself.
The faq talks about not being in base to base with itself, which is not the case her.
Think of it as a 12" round template centered on the caster, every friendly unit under it can be targeted.