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Hoshi No Koe
31-05-2005, 20:27
So I've got the models fromt the box and a couple others I've bought afterwards. I'd like to expand my collection to have a couple of 500pts forces and I'd like some opinions.

Osgiliath themed gondor force:
Faramir with bow 75
Damrod 50
Captain of Minas Tirith, Heavy armour and shield 55
8 warriors of Minas tirith with shields 64
8 warriors of Minas tirith with spears and shield 72
1 warrior of Minas Tirith with banner 32
6 knights of Minas Tirith 78
10 rangers of gondor 70
total 496

Mordor force:
Witch king with Morgul blade 150
Orc captain with shield 45
4 Orcs with two-handed weapons20
4 Orcs with bows 24
8 Orcs with spears 48
8 Orcs with shield 48
3 Orc trackers 15
Mordor Troll 90
5 warg riders with throwing spears and bows 60
Total 500

High Elven force:
Glorfindel on Asfaloth 140
Elladan & Elrohir with bows and Elven cloaks 170
6 High Elves with elven blades 60
6 High elves with bows 66
6 High Elves with spear and shield 66
Total 502

So what do you think? I'd like some feedback on composition, game viability, fun and improvement suggestions.

01-06-2005, 17:52
I like your Osgiliath themed force. It seems quite balanced. I presume you will be using a Faramir with bow and leather armour.

The High Elf force seems a little small. Try binning Glorfindel and replacing him with more Elves - an equal mix of bows/spears/elven blades is a good idea.

However, I must ask you what scenario will you play with these forces? If one is playing a tournament style scenario I would suggest maximising one's numbers, particularly for the breakthrough scenario.

Hoshi No Koe
01-06-2005, 18:44
Yeah, Faramir with a bow and leather armour.

I don't have much experience with the game. I've played battle compay games mostly. My main reason for buying the game is for the game mechanics which I intended to tweak to create a set of heroic skirmish rules for 40K. However, I've always had a love for the LotR books and movies so I decided I wanted to expand my forces.
I'm not much of a tournament player and I made the list just to have some fun with friends in the future. I pretty much wrote them around things I like and to play points matches with different scenario's.
I'm mostly into it to make themed forces though.
I've just got these concepts of forces I'd like to do and checked out if I could fit them in 500 pts and also to give me motivation to paint my models. I'm a 40k player mostly so I need a goal to work to.
Thanks about the Osgiliath force, I really like the look of the ranger models and it offered me the opportunity to use the models I got in the box.
What do you think about the Mordor force? Again I wonder if it is playable.
I was disappointed about the model count I got when I finished calculating what I could throw into the elf force. The thing is, I built it around the three heroes, as I imagined it as a Rivendell force and it would be quick to paint and not so expensive. But it isn't playable?

I was wondering how a force made up mostly of heroes might fare. One of the projects I figure I might do in the future was a force entirely consisting of Rangers of the North. Another was Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli and the King of the dead and his minions. How would such forces fare? Aren't they well playable or only in certain scenarios.
Another list I'd like to do is one centered around a Troll chieftain and 2 mordor trolls. Any advice?

01-06-2005, 19:27
For your Mordor force, I'm not sure that both WKA and a Troll are suitable. You see, once a force gets to below 50% strength all models must make Courage checks each turn. Orcs have a very poor Courage value. Therefore, for Mordor based armies I tend to have a few Orc or Uruk captains and as many models as possible. I try and reach the 50 model limit for 500 point Mordor forces.

Your Elf force will suffer from being outnumbered somewhat. I try and only use 'big' heroes (such as Glorfindel or Aragorn) in larger point battles. You see it is easy for a hero heavy force to have their heroes surrounded and for them to suffer double damage. When I use Elves, I tend to make it into a Last Alliance theme with generic captains rather than named heroes. The points I save are then used for more troops.

Hero heavy forces can work but need a lot of thought each turn. I find it better if one sacrifices one hero to allow the other two/three to complete the mission. Gimli or Boromir are good for this, with their high Defence score. Boromir can be particularly effective with his Horn of Gondor when fighting against more than one enemy.