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27-05-2011, 20:35
So I've started to gravitate towards a regular list for my Skaven and thought it was probably worth getting peoples thoughts on it.

I realise that the Screaming Bell isn't everyone's favourite. But so far it's done me proud (and certainly when compared to my Warp Lightning Cannon!! See my battle reports for more on this).

Clan Skrit


Grey Seer, Screaming Bell, Skalm


Chieftain, Battle Standard Bearer, Halberd, Armour of Silvered Steel (or Stormbanner)
Warlock Engineer, Level 1, Doom Rocket


45 Clanrats, Clawleader, Standard Bearer, Musician, Spears, Shields
Poisoned Wind Mortar
30 Clanrats, Clawleader, Standard Bearer, Musician, Shields
Doom Flayer
46 Skaven Slaves, Musician
10 Night Runners, Slings


45 Plague Monks, Bringer-of-the-Word, Standard Bearer, Musician, Plague Banner
6 Rat Ogres, 3 Packmasters, Master-bred Rat Ogre


Warp Lightning Cannon
Hellpit Abomination

The larger unit of Clanrats (with Spears) accompanies the Screaming Bell. The BSB usually will join this unit also, but may occasionally go in the other Clanrats depending on the scenario/terrain.

The Warlock Engineer will just go in whatever unit will give him the best Line of Sight to a juicy target for his Doom Rocket/Warp Lightning attacks.

So, what do you think?

28-05-2011, 03:24
I like it, i'm a screaming bell fan anyway XD

Since you've gone with the big block army I'd take some skirmishers for movement purposes. Flyers could be a problem, I'd take either a stormbanner or a small unit of gutter runners for warmachine hunting, dropping the giant rats could probably pay for them. My Just my thoughts but this is a solid list

I can see why you took the Plague Priest but i'd still consider a level 1 engineer with a warp energy condensor as an alternative, I think it'd do more, or drop him altogether to pay for my other suggestions

28-05-2011, 03:50
Aren't you under your core points? Giant rats don't count as core.

28-05-2011, 08:22
Aren't you under your core points? Giant rats don't count as core.

Annoyingly you're right. It comes in at 24% Core without the Giant Rats. I thought that had been changed. Apologies to my opponents!

I've reworked the original list. Couldn't quite bring myself to paint another 40 Slaves, plus I've usually found a second unit is redundant in a lot of games, so thought I'd give a small unit of Night Runners a go instead.

29-05-2011, 01:03
Interesting, Nightrunners get no Love, I'd be interested to see how they do as a small unit, must admit I never thought of that, probably serve the same purpose as the giant rats anyway