View Full Version : 2400 pts Empire (vs WoC)

27-05-2011, 21:41
Howdy. I've decided to dust off my old empire army which haven't seen action since 6th edition. I'm pretty limited in that I don't own any greatswords or flagellants since they were pretty horrible back then imho. Here's what I put together to play against Warriors of Chaos. Let me know what you think.

Arch Lector (General) 1+ armor, Van Horstmann's, 4+ ward, great weapon

Wizard Lord lvl 4, Lore of Light, 5+ Ward, Rod of Power

Captain BSB, 4+ ward, Charmed Shield, Full Plate

Warrior Priest Crown of Command, Hvy Armor, Warhorse, Barding, Shield, Dragonhelm

Engineer Naked

19 Knights Inner Circle, Std Bearer, Razor Standard, Shield, Lance

56 Halberdiers Full Command

56 Halberdiers Full Command

1 Great Cannon

2 Helblasters

1 Mortar