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28-05-2011, 14:07
Hi, I am thinking of collecting O + G, and am wondering if this is a good army:

Goblin Great Shaman (for unit buffs, and hopefully curse of the bad moon! :D)
Dispell Scroll
Talisman of Preservation
Lvl 4

20 Night Goblins

15 Savage Orcs

15 Savage Orcs

20 Black Orcs

3 X River Trolls

Comes to 1000 points!!!! :cool:
What do you think? The gobbos cover the blorcs , with the savage blocks advancing side by side. The river trolls go along the flank, carefully staying inside the leadership bubble provided by the shaman, who will be in the blorc unit. Thoughts? :angel:

28-05-2011, 18:56
Well 1st off the Savages should be a single unit - I tried the smaller units before and they just don't cut it - ideally a command would be good too.

In a 1000pts I would not bother with a dispel scroll

I'd make him a NG

I'd add in a basic Savage Orc Big Boss

I'd maybe make the savages 20-25 strong and have them as Big Uns

As it stands your wasting points on the Trolls as with ld 6-7 they won't be doing much! So a Big Boss is crucial to keep the dummies in line!

I'd even just forsake the Night Gobbos all together and dash in a Boar Chariot

28-05-2011, 18:57
with a savage orc shaman with the item that increases everyones ward save

28-05-2011, 19:23
I know its not too good, but that is the models I like/can afford :( I don't understand the 'magic mushroom', as it seems really annoying! :mad: You have to get a spell with irresstible force.. or no effect? :confused: Or I am reading it wrong? However, I couldn't squeeze in the points for shrunken head.... so should I combine savages, and drop scroll? Could you do a list for me? As mine is clearly.. well...bad

28-05-2011, 22:48
you are reading it wrong. You get to roll one extra die when casting. you add that die to your casting total as normal. However, that die does not count toward the natural 3 required to cast anything and cannot cause IF. If you roll a 1 on that die you have to roll again to see what happens. Unless it has been faq'd the mushroom die does not seem to be optional. I hope that helps.

When talking about o&g typically large units are better. As was mentioned your savage orcs would typically be better in one large unit than in 2 smaller ones. A bsb also tends to be very helpful in an o&g army.

What other models do you like/want/have?

29-05-2011, 08:51
Well... would the battalion, 2x savage orcs, 2x blorcs, and a shaman/bsb be goodish for starting? There are juts some many combos.. :( I am thinking of getting trolls later :D