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29-05-2011, 12:33
Hello all,
Back in april i got inspired and made some chaos lords conversions using only dark elf and dark eldar pieces plus sculpey.
I am really satisfied, i love their look and they are the only way an old cult of slaanesh player has to represent druchii anointed on an 8th edition battlefield (7th edition too, actually!).
Problem are the rules.
The lord starting profile is half decent, though by no means cheap.
All generals need to be kitted with exceptional defences, i was thinking of the 4plus ward save and crimson armour to avoid multiwounding and everyday kb issues. I'd round that up with a shield, the cheap pendant that allows reroll on the EoG table and the armour piecing sword. My main conversion is on foot, so no mount for him. What else? I'd really like to give him the MoT rather than MoS, but it costs a LOT more, and would be rather unfluffy. It would not suit the model at all (i mean, he is a huge dark elf with slaaneshy iconography on a 25X25 base...not very Tzentchian, i think. No tentacles, no mutations...no, not Tzentchian at all.). An unscrupolous fellow gamer gives his slaaneshy general the MoT too, claiming this is to represent his almost totally demonic nature...then wastes some more points on it with the very slaanshy soporific musk reward (that, gameswise, is often a waste of points), just to throw in some Slaaneshy flavour. Would you b ok with it?
To be honest most fellows in my groups tolerate this kind of things, but i'd hardly say they approve such twists of rules and background.
The other Anointed is mounted on a chaos steed, and has a lance and a shield. I am thinking of giving him the crown of everlasting conquest and dragonhelm, unless happen to be both talismans (the crown is, not sure about the helm atm). Anything else?
Very open to suggestions.
Oh, btw, their roles.
The foot anointed is gonna lead my 30 strong woc unit, one of my 3 main foot combat units. The others are a 40 strong flailed marauder block and a 25 strong choosen phalanx. I also have other 3 x 20 strong woc units.
This, more or less, makes up for my infantry.
the mounted anointed is my "Prince Rupert" (I.E. main cavalry officer), leading a 15 (well, 14 plus him) strong knight unit. I have onother 10 strong knight unit plus a 15 strong non light cavalry marauder unit and 2 x 6 strong marauder light cavalry units (the latter without any command models, was later suggested to add musicians). My army is completed by 6 (sm slave, chained) ogres, a good looking slaaneshy giant (no huge belly plus spindly legs, no ugly face, mostly epoxy and new plastic demon prince torso with scratch built armoured legs) and 4 x 6 strong hound units. Am just now converting the plastic necrosphinx into a slaaneshi looking shaggot, that should complete my army, together with my 4th 20 strong woc unit being worked on right now. Oh, i also got a foot renegade dark elf chaos sorcerer, also a conversion, that i usually use as a scroll caddy. Could make him a higher level sorcerer, but my group heavily discourages "harrypotterhammer". I would not mind adding a warshrine or two, but i had enough of converting :p
Any suggestion for characters kits and, more broadly, for the army as a whole? Thanks!

30-05-2011, 08:53
The Mark of Tzeentch for a lord character is 5 points more expensive than the Mark of Slaanesh, so that is really not "a LOT more" ;).

30-05-2011, 11:34
The Mark of Tzeentch for a lord character is 5 points more expensive than the Mark of Slaanesh, so that is really not "a LOT more" ;).

Hell, you're right. I seldom mark my characters, and i was under the impression it was around 20 pts more. That was, probably, because the player i was referring to takes a reward (i think its soporiphic musk in english) that costs about that much, and takes it purely to put something slaanshy in. I still think, however, modelling a chaos character so clearly after one god "look" (up to painting his symbol on armour and shields), then giving that model another mark is...not cheating but...plain wrong still.
Suggestions for the rest of the army?
Anything else i should add? We plan to go up to 10k pts and am still very far from that mark. Chariots, perhaps?
Another sorceror?

31-05-2011, 20:16
As far as marking your character with a non "fluffy / visually appropriate mark" it is really up to you.

Personally, my chaos army includes models representing a range of Gods/marks, however, I simply mark them with whatever I want to play with game wise. I decided at the beginning that I was not going to follow any fluff for the army as I simply want to use random stuff and have a good time. (Played 8 games so far and used 6 different army lists...tons of fun!)

So really it is up to you and the group you play with. I know personally I would not have a problem with you marking your models game wise with marks that didn't fit their visual aesthetic.

02-06-2011, 10:11
Thanks 4 the thumb up, then. I think any general really nedds all the protection he can get.
I', still not sure if i need to take another mage or not. Our aim, ultimately, is to play 10k games, and we usually allow 1 magic level per 2kpoints. At 10k points this means 5 magic levels. I could demote my level 2 sorcerer to level 1 caddy and take a level 4 as well...
Also, at that points level, i am gonna face lots of artillery...since i still have plenty of room for points, should i squeeze in a couple hellcannons or simply go for bigger units???