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31-05-2005, 21:39
Please comment on my mostly mounted list. Note the small number of models. I wanted to make a elite list. I like the leadbelchers model and I can explain the fluff, but they can go if they have to.

Comments, Ideas, Suggestion?

Thanks for all your help.

Warrior Priest
-Great Hammer
-Armour of Meteoric Iron
-Sigil of Sigmar OR Crimson Amulet
I.C. Knights of the white wolf X 5
-full command
-Banner of Ulric
-full plate
-sword of power
I.C. Knightly Order X 5
-full command
-steel standard
Pistoliers X 6
-repeater pistol

LeadBelchers X 3


31-05-2005, 21:49

1) Drop the armour of meteoric iron for the priest and give him heavy armour and barding instead. Take the sigil.

2) drop the magic banners and get more knights

3) Replace the sword of power with either a lance or a great weapon.

4) drop the thunderfist upgrade from the leadbelchers, it isn't worth it

01-06-2005, 08:55
The way you've written the list seems like you want to put the Warrior Priest with the IC White Wolf Knights. Unless he's an Ulric priest you can't do that (Not loyal to Sigmar so thus cannot be joined by one of his priests). Just swap round the normal IC Knights and White Wolf IC Knights. I may just be interpreting your list incorrectly, so sorry if I am.

01-06-2005, 14:57
First of: there is now a separate forum for army lists.

I agree about the Sigmarite warrior priest and Knights of White Wolf issue - one has to go. Either change your warrior priest to Ulrican, or replace the White Wolves with some good proper sigmarite order like Knights of Fiery Heart.

As for the Ogres, I don't really see how they fit the setting - wouldn't Bronzino and his galloper gun be a much more stylish option.

As for the actual army selection, it tends to be rather small in numbers - how are you planning to break any heavy infantry blocks with that?

15-07-2005, 07:21
well, for standard rules i assume the captain goes with the WW knights?. I would definatel drop the leadbelchers, and probably the WW and the pistoliers... Knights are ELITE enough, but with 21 models this army can be easily beaten by static CR. I would beef up the IC unit to 9 + a captain. Take a unit of 10 knights. Take a unit of 5 knights + another captain, And finally take a unit of 5 vanilla knights for bait and screens. This increases the amount of models, and increases the hitting power wiht two LARGE units and 1 very hard hitting flanking unit.

Lady's Champion
17-07-2005, 14:00
Lose the Leadbelchers it makes no sense to me