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30-05-2011, 11:02
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Second game of the day, this time against Warriors of Chaos! This was a rematch against the guy I played against at 1500 points where he fielded a very elite army which got slaughtered by my Swordmasters.

:: Despoilers of the Lands ::

This time around I chose to simply use my 'standard' Shadow list. No point in an unkillable Archmage here.

His list:
Disc Lord
Disc Hero
18 Warriors w/Exalted Hero BSB
40 Marauders
40 Marauders
5 Knights, Mark of Nurgle, Frenzy Banner
2 Hellcannons
5 Marauder Horsemen
5 Warhounds

:: Pre-battle thoughts & deployment::

I'm not too worried about his list. Only thing which bugs me is the presence of puppet. I assume I can out-deploy him in my usual way and handle his units at a time and place of my own choosing.

For magic, I roll Miasma, Withering, Enfeebling Foe, Pit, Okkam's. He gets every spell since he has a level 2 and a level 4. The Scenario is Battleline. I win the roll-off and let him pick sides as they're fairly equal as far as I can tell. I want to maximize my deployment advantage so let him place first.


He goes first, with a 6 vs a 3.

:: Chaos Turn 1 ::

Everything walks up, his Marauders taking on a flanking role. Magis is 2 dice vs 1, he gets +1 from a revealed power familiar. He manages to get pandamonium through.

Shooting - both Hellcannons land a hit on Silver Helms. A moment later, 6 knights are dead (I can't roll 4+ to save my life). They pass panic and it's my turn.


:: High Elves Turn 1 ::

I advance cautiously yet again, making sure to keep charges unlikely. Saerith moves into the Dragon Princes (first time ever if I remember correctly!) for protection. Eagles move up to disturb and be ready to interact when needed. Small Archers move down from the hill, allowing the others to see clearly.

Magic - I get a slight advantage from Banner of Sorcery. First - panda goes away. Can't keep that around, no way! The result of the rest is a boosted Miasma on his Warriors. I roll a '6' for the D3 effect - enjoy slugging along!

Shooting sees all my units target the middle Marauders, killing 10 in total. Shooting phases like this, where I can target T3 troops without armour saves, almost make me want to play Wood Elves ;)


:: Chaos Turn 2 ::

Everything moves up, although his Warriors probably feel like march-blocked Dwarfs at the moment. His Warhounds turn to face my Eagle.

Magic is 10 v 7. My main priority is Infernal Gateway on Dragon Princes, which is promptly dispelled. In return, Treason is cast on Swordmasters (5 die), Panda goes up again and a helm dies to Flickering Fire. Annoyingly, the Swordmasters panic even with Naenor nearby. They only run 3" however, which is not too bad.

Shooting kills my remaining Helms and 2 Dragon Princes - his Hellcannons again proving accurate (he targetted both at Dragon Princes but one scattered right on top of Silver Helms).


:: High Elves Turn 2 ::

I contemplate my Dragon Princes' charge for what must have been an eternity. Eventually, I decide to decimate the central unit of Marauders: this will keep Saerith in a good position and I can probably Miasma/Eagleblock his Warriors for as long as I need. The Spearelves and Dragon Princes combo-cross-charge them, so the Cavalry can reform against the other Horde later on.

Swordmasters rally, my Western Eagle blocks his Horde from countering me and the Archers turn to face the flanking marauders.

Magic is 8 v 4. I dispel Panda, cast boosted Miasma (a '6' again!) on Warriors. Rest is dispelled (think I tried -T on Marauders).

Shooting sees the Archers kill all but 1 Marauder Horseman, allowing the Repeater to focus on the remaining Horde, killing 3.

Combat - my Cavalry go to town: before the Marauders can strike back, 24 (!!) of them are dead. The remaining 6 manage to kill a couple of Spearelves and Dragon Princes. They fail to roll snake eyes. I combat reform both units (he was below 25% - never rallied), the Spearelves facing the Warriors' approach. Due to 8th edition charge rules, this was barely a useful move as he could almost have wheeled to get to me (infinite range etc).


:: Chaos Turn 3 ::

He charges my pesky Eagle, I hold. His Warhounds start an impossibly long flanking manoevre. His Warriors pretend to be Dwarfs again, advancing 2". His Knights find themselves in an awkward position, unable to intervene when needed the most.

Magic sees gateway go through on Dragon Princes. I hold my breath, but to no need: 3 hits at S4. Only 1 wound, which I save. Treason is dispelled.

Shooting sees a Hellcannon misfire and die, while the other lands yet another hit, killing 2 Dragon Princes.


:: High Elves Turn 3 ::

Swordmasters and Dragon Princes combo-charge his Horde. My remaining Eagle finds itself in a good opportunity - I charge his Sorceror Lord. I'm hoping to not die in 1 round of combat, so I can charge with my Spearelves next time. The Spearelves free reform to get up on the Tzeentchian wizard lord.

Magic - I need to ensure my Eagle can hold out: for this, I have the perfect tool in The Enfeebling Foe. I get 9 dice vs his 4: I start off with -S on his lord, getting -1. Hopefully, it will suffice. Miasma on Warriors again, and they're -1M this time. -T on Marauder Horde is dispelled, however. Hopefully, my Elites can deal enough damage regardless.

Shooting kills the lone Horseman and a couple of Warriors.

Combat sees my kill a lot of marauders, but not nearly enough. He gets a lot of return attacks and kills quite a few Swordmasters (they're down to 3). He still loses though and needs to roll 7- on his Steadfast LD out of General/BSB range. He rolls a 6 and a 2. Strangely enough, my Dragon Princes are now the biggest unit and thus they run to the Western table edge. Both units pursue, my Dragon Princes catching them. They park straight infront of his Knights, the Swordmasters close to the Warhounds. My Eagle takes 1 wound from his Lord, but I have charge + flank. He holds.


:: Chaos Turn 4 ::

I declare Potion of Strength on Drakemaster. Between this and Saerith, it's not the most obvious of charges, yet he makes it. The Warhounds charge the Swordmasters. His Hellcannon fails its test and tries to charge Saerith as well, however he can't reach him. His Warriors fail their march test (even with BSB!) and move forward 3".

Magic is 10 v 5. Treason and Gateway kill 10 Spearelves. The rest is dispelled.

Combat: Saerith declares the use of Loec, however between him and the Drakemaster 'only' 3 knights die (he rolled well for his armour saves). In return, 2 Dragon Princes are killed, leaving only the Drakemaster and Saerith. My steeds finish it off by killing a knight! Break test is passed. Swordmasters kill the dogs. His Lord fails to wound my Eagle.


:: High Elves Turn 4 ::

Naenor and the Spearelves charge his Lord, furious over his magical assault. The Swordmasters advance to counter-charge the Hellcannon next turn.

Magic sees me debuff his Warriors again - giving them -1M and -2T. Shooting proceeds to kill 6 of them.

His Lord loses badly due to static resolution and is run down by my Eagle. Saerith kills the remaining knight, and they reform to face the Hellcannon.


:: Chaos Turn 5 ::

Hellcannon charges my Cavalry. His Warriors try to line up a turn 6 charge on my Archers.

Magic is ineffective, shooting is non-existant.

Combat sees Hellcannon kill the Drakemaster and take 2 wounds in return. The combat is a draw.


:: High Elves Turn 5 ::

I charge Hellcannon with Swordmasters. Eagle blocks the Warriors' Turn 6 charge and my Spearelves free reform for a potential rear charge.

Magic - I cast Okkam's at the Eagle and Miasma on the Warriors (hehe).

Shooting kills a couple of Warriors - they're now down to 10 (including the BSB).

In combat, his Hellcannon is left with 1W and properly kills the Swordmasters. 3 casualties vs 2 wounds + charge means it's a draw.


:: Chaos Turn 6 ::

Not too keen on charging my Eagle, he turns around instead to face my Spearelves, taunting me.

Magic sees pandamonium go through.

In combat, Saerith finally kills the Hellcannon.


:: High Elves Turn 6 ::

I know the battle is won, however my opponent and the remaining observer taunt me into charging the Spearelves into the Warriors. I figure I'll still win even if they die so whatever. The Eagle charges in as well, hopefully adding to the combat resolution.

Magic is weak and I cast a 5-dice Okkam's - getting a double. I forgot about pandamonium, ARGH! As I pick up 2D6 I can visualize Olannon dropping into the Warp with his Archers while my Spears lose combat... The dice come up a total of '5' though - disaster averted! He does however manage to dispel Okkam's and the rest of my dice are drained.

In combat Naenor challenges his BSB and properly slays him! The other Spearelves kill a few Warriors but a LOT of them die in return. My Eagle pitches in with 2 casualties (1 from stomp!) so I win, but not very big. He passes his break test on a very low roll and that's it!


:: Victory Points ::

We didn't bother calculating: I had 3 Banners + his BSB and General, along with a lot more points killed. A clear massacre to the High Elves!

:: Evaluation ::

It was so good to have this game after my Lizardmen game. This game, everything went pretty much as planned and I don't think I made any major mistakes (if you feel I did - please point them out!).

I feel pretty confident playing against Warriors of Chaos - I know most of their tricks and how to counter them. After all, I've faced them the most times now. In this game, my opponent was very frustrated simply because he felt he didn't know how to play better (ie he felt that his moves were good etc and the deployment is kind of unavoidable). To be honest, I don't know what I would've done myself if I faced my army with his. I'm sure he'll appreciate feedback also ;)

30-05-2011, 15:07
His tactical mistake was targetting your cavalry rather than your infantry with his hell cannons.

30-05-2011, 19:07
Why? Would you have targeted the Spears or the Swordmasters instead? How do you think this would've affected my combo-charge on his Marauders? Swordmasters were deployed only 2 ranks deep and Helms hit a lot harder than Spears.

30-05-2011, 19:22
It was important for him to break down the ranked units so he could keep streadfast.

Your knights might be scary, but that's only on the charge.

30-05-2011, 21:48
The first unit of Marauders which I charged were left with 6 men alive. Had the Silver Helms been more and the Spearelves less, none would've survived. The other unit was Steadfast but failed to roll 7- and would've died the next turn anyway. Between Potion of Strength on Drakemaster and Giant Blade on the Prince, the knights hurt a lot in sub-sequent turns as well. Add to that, Shadow Magic makes any unit potentially deadly: reducing his toughness allows my steeds to wound on as low as 2+, with Okkam's cavalry benefit two-fold: the Steeds being S5.

Spearelves never broke Steadfast, nor did Swordmasters. You still feel this was a tactical mistake?

30-05-2011, 21:58
Yes. Well that and allowing the multi charge to happen in the first place ;)

I just see the spear elves as a much bigger threat than the cav.

31-05-2011, 16:00
nicely done, miasma can be frustrating for slow units (like you said pretending to be dwarves)

31-05-2011, 21:37
Denying multi-charges from my list is something I haven't seen anyone successfully do yet, save for very poor rolls on my part.

Miasma is such a powerful spell! A lot of flexibility, extremely easy to cast. The most reliable phase in Warhammer is movement, in my opinion. If you mess with elements in the movement else, you seriously alter the context of the game. Add to that, it has insane potential with regards to helping me out in combat - or indeed making Pit a lot more dangerous!