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Rogue Sun
30-05-2011, 18:39
Hey everyone, I'm considering getting into Wood Elves because I'm masochistic or something. I have High Elves right now, which I'm happy with, so just looking to start a second army.

I like the combined trees and elves approach, so I stuck with that:

Highborn 278
- Bow of Loren
- Arcane Bodkins
- Armor of Fortune
- Shield
- Alter Kindred

Spellweaver (lvl 4) 310
- Divination Orb
- Amaranthine Brooch
- Lore of Life/Beasts

Noble 142
- Asyendis Bane
- Hail of Doom Arrow
- Dragon Helm
- Light Armor
- Battle Standard Bearer

Noble 140
- Moonstone of the Hidden Ways
- Wardancer Kindred

CORE 834
13 Glade Guard 162
- Musician

13 Glade Guard 162
- Musician

14 Glade Guard 174
- Musician

14 Dryads 168

14 Dryads 168

6 Treekin 390

6 Treekin 390

6 Treekin 390

7 Wardancers 126

TOTAL: 3000

I originally had two units of WayWatchers in there as well, but felt a third unit of Treekin might be a bit more important.The reason I say this is because they are about the only unit WE have access to that can act as a true anvil. Eternal Guard can, but I really don't like them at all. We play with a fair amount of forests in my area, so the Wardancer Noble and Wardancers are designed to get behind my opponents lines and hunt down warmachines and ranged units. Dryads will act as a counter charge unit once the opponent slams into my treekin. I am still considering doing 2 units of 9 treekin instead, to truly make them an anvil, and to possibly give them more rank bonuses.

Thoughts, comments, concerns? As I said, this was my first real attempt at a Wood Elves list, so it may not be perfect.

30-05-2011, 18:54
I'm a little bit worried about the balance of characters to army, you've got barely any bodies.

At 3000pts, most armies will be able to tie up 3 units of treekin, and a lot of armies will have at least one source of flaming attacks which will rinse them.

Other than the treekin, you've got no stopping power. 40 GG shots won't do very much, and 28 dryads won't last all that long either.

I'd be inclined to suggest dropping the Moonstone hero and a unit of treekin.

That way, you could get 4-5 smallish units of dryads and some more glade guard.

You could also split the Treekin into smaller units, that way if someone can deal with a big unit then they will have to go after 2 instead of getting all 6 in one fell swoop.