View Full Version : Daemons 2500 Tournament

31-05-2011, 19:59
Hi guys, im making a list for a tourney league here in my city in a few days ( 5 group games and brackets after this ), and I would like your opinion about it, and also I have to choose the magic lore because im not decided yet between light, life or shadow.

I also have to say that we will play all kind of scenarios, and everything is allowed:

HoK, Armor, fireblade, juggy
HoK, Armor
HoT, Bsb, MoS, Spellbreaker, Dispair

39 Bloodletters, full command + icon of endlesswar
39 Horrors, full command + changeling + icon of sorcery

5 Bloodcrushers, standard & musician
6 Flamers
7 Hounds

what do you think for that kind of tournament?

31-05-2011, 22:14
Looks good.

I prefer my bsb's to be khorne. The 3+/5++ is statistically better until S6. And the WS7 makes him harder to hit in combat.

I would go with life.