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31-05-2011, 20:07
For a while now I've been building my Empire army and I'm always toying with ideas for my list...

Core units
38 Halberdiers, Full Command = 210 Pts
20 Handgunners, Marksman with Hochland Long Rifle = 185 Pts
20 Handgunners, Marksman with Hochland Long Rifle = 185 Pts
20 Spearmen, Full Command = 140 Pts
20 Swordsmen, Full Command = 145 Pts
20 Free Company, Full Command = 120 Pts
15 Huntsmen, Marksman = 155 Pts
Total Core units = 1140 Pts

Special units
2 Mortars = 150 Pts
2 Cannon = 200 Pts
38 Greatswords, Full Command = 410 Pts
10 Outriders, Marksman = 226 Pts
Total Special units = 986 Pts

Rare units
1 Helstorm Rocket Battery = 115 Pts
Total Rare units = 115 Pts

1 General of the Empire, Full Plate Armour, Great Weapon = 98 Pts
2 Warrior Priests of Sigmar, Heavy Armour, Great Weapon = 196 Pts
1 Captain of the Empire, Full Plate Armour, Shield, Pegasus, Lance = 112 Pts
1 Captain of the Empire, BSB, Full Plate Armour = 83 Pts
1 Master Engineer, Light Armour, Repeater Handgun = 82 Pts
1 Master Engineer, Light Armour, Hochland Long Rifle = 87 Pts
1 Master Engineer, Light Armour, Pigeon Bombs = 92 Pts
Total Characters = 750 Pts

All this Empire goodness only costs 2991 points...

The General and one of the Warrior Priests will join the Halberdiers. The BSB and the other Warrior Priest will join the Greatswords. All three Master Engineers will babysit my big guns, using their own weapons when their re-roll isn't needed...

What dou you think about this selection? Quite balanced (at least in my opinion) but also quite bare in terms of magic support (either with Mages or equipment). This is supposed to be a 'take on all comers' kind of list.

As for magic equipment/banners I'm open to suggestions. I can always drop a unit of Handgunners to create some spare points...

31-05-2011, 20:12

Id probably make either/both the spear and swordsmen bigger so you can go for steadfast denial in the enemy. The amount of shooting you've got means you don't have to go mad with 50 models 30-40 will probably be enough. Either get rid of the free company of drop that unit of hand gunners you mentioned?

01-06-2011, 11:28
I'd drop 5 of the Huntsmen, all the equipment on the Engineers, and merge the Swordsmen and Spearmen. This could free up some points for either a Battle Wizard, or some, in my opinion, desperately needed magic items (no ward saves!). Other than it looks like a good list, nice mix of shooting/combat.