View Full Version : Using DoW dwarves in an Empire army..

02-04-2006, 16:44
I figured I could take a unit of standard dwarves as a rare choice in an "Empire" army I am undertaking (actually its a crusading zealous army). The reason is because I already have 5 dwarf metal longbeards no one wants to buy off me it seems, and since I love the models, why not bring a unit of DoW dwarves as a rare choice for this Empire army? My rare slots wont both be taken, only 1, before picking such a unit, in a 2000pt army.

I'm wondering about their tactical significance. Fluff wise it makes sense as the army heads out for araby and the badlands it has to pass through a mountain pass in the heart of dwarven lands. Army composition wise, it'll consist of one unit of perhaps 9 Knights + a Hero, 2 units of 5-6 pistoliers, everything else on foot. The infantry will consist of one block of state troops from Nuln, like .. swordsmen or spearmen, with two detachments. I also want lots of crossbows and handguns, but not too many cannons. Loads of free company throw-away units akin to skaven slaves, and a unit of Flagellants. I figured a unit of slower moving dwarves, perhaps 16 strong, could defend my small artillery emplacement and perhaps have a unit of crossbowmen or handgunners nearby also. It would just be 16 plain dwarf warriors with heavy armor + shield and full command.

People bring big ass Ogres and Giants as DoW rare and what not, whats wrong with bringing little people? I was going to use two units of halflings in the dwarf army I was putting together, but decided Empire was my true calling.

So is there a tactical significance to having this dwarf unit? It would be more for fluff than function, but I want it to be functional .. not a waste.