View Full Version : 2000 pts all comer TK list

01-06-2011, 15:48
Tomb prince 199
great weapon
talisman of endurance

Lich High Priest 280
Lv4 Nehekahara
talisman of preservation
enkhil's kanopi

Necrotect 70
dragonbane gem
charmed shield

5 Skeleton chariots 305
master of chariots
standard bearer
banner of eternal flame

31 Skeleton archers 196
master of arrows

28 Tomb guards 368
standard bearer
standard of undying legion

3 Ushabti 150

3 Carrions 72

Necrophinx 225

Caske of souls 135

2000pts exact

The idea is to have TG as the main fighting block with necrotect and Ushabti on one side supporting. Lich priest hid in skele archers unit to cast buff spells. Flaming Chariot unit with TP for out flanking.

01-06-2011, 16:22
i like this list, i'm not as well acquainted with the new TK rules as i'd like to be but i can't be think another ranked unit would help, normal skellies are a lot cheaper now. I'm also a huge fan of the screaming skull catapult, so something to consider working in maybe?

02-06-2011, 11:52
Thanks, this list is based on models I have already build and painted over the years. I am not keen on skeles warriors , I find them too ugly. In terms of models I actually got 2 screaming skull catapults and most of the older metal range (5 tomb swarms, 2 scorpions etc) so would use them in a bigger game ie 2500+pts.

02-06-2011, 16:33
I'm not sure 3 Usabti will help much. I find 6 useful, because they get support attacks, 3 is pretty fragile. I would drop them and the Necrotek in favour of 2 catapults.