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01-06-2011, 18:03
1 Supreme Sorceress @ 295.0 Pts
General; Magic Level 4; Lore of Shadow
Pendant of Khaeleth [35.0]

25 Black Ark Corsairs @ 265.0 Pts
2ndWeapon; Light Armour; Sea Dragon Cloak; Standard; Musician

25 Black Ark Corsairs @ 265.0 Pts
2ndWeapon; Light Armour; Sea Dragon Cloak; Standard; Musician

10 Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen @ 100.0 Pts
Rptr Crossbow; Light Armour

10 Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen @ 100.0 Pts
Rptr Crossbow; Light Armour

10 Cold One Knights @ 294.0 Pts
Lance; Heavy Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician

1 War Hydra @ 175.0 Pts

1 War Hydra @ 175.0 Pts

19 Black Guard @ 356.0 Pts
Halberd; Heavy Armour; Standard; Musician

1 Kouran of the Black Guard @ [75.0] Pts
#Crimson Death [0.0]
#Armour of Grief [0.0]

1 Death Hag @ 225.0 Pts
Poison Attacks; Cauldron of Blood; Frenzy; 2ndWeapon; Battle Standard

1 Cauldron of Blood @ [110.0] Pts

Models in Army: 110

Total Army Cost: 2250.0

My idea so far is to use the corsairs to do initial hitting and for the cold ones to flank the opponent while the Hydra's run around and wreak the rest of whats left with support from the crossbowmen.

Okay changed it to have BSB and a cauldron a bit more crossbows only 1 unit of knights, added Black Guard and more corsairs.

01-06-2011, 18:45
Ring of hotek will cause your own mage to miscast on doubles aswell, may not be the best idea. Consider taking a dispell scroll instead

8th edition is all about numbers, you have very few, consider dropping the assassins for more corsairs and take a bsb as well.

Cavalary aren't that great, I would either combine the 2 units into one or just take one unit of 7. Spend the extra points on more infantry.

Hydras are great, boltthrowers may not be.

Consider taking a unit of elite infantry, witch elves combined with lore of shadow (mindrazor) can be pretty rough. Black guard and executioners can also be useful.

01-06-2011, 18:58
Light armour and great weapons on the shades are a waste. Take them with additional hand weapons instead.

Get the Ring of Hotek off the mage as fast as you can...

The knights don't need champions, nor do the corsairs.

I'd also consider dropping the assassins, they won't do a great deal before getting killed.

01-06-2011, 19:21
I really like it. Good first attempt.

Drop teh knight champs. There not going to accomplish much. Use the points to get soem more xbows, and split them into 2 units of 10.

The light armour is a waste, as said above. And the GW will get rid of teh awsoem elf iniative value. I personally woudlnt give them anything. But i do see merit to ADWs.

I think the assassins are a bit of a points sink. I think you would benfit from dropping one of them in favour of either a Noble w. BSB or some more corsairs.


01-06-2011, 20:00
COK champs are for fun, the kind where you buy 3 cheap magic items for a champion ;)

Seriously a luckstone on the champ aint bad at all, add iron curse icon and you'd still have point left for something like soulrender or sword of might (the larger the unit the better to have a champ imo)

Don Zeko
01-06-2011, 20:19
Drop the Ring, the focus familiar, both assassins, both bolt throwers, and the equipment on the shades. Use that to buy more dudes. You'll probably want a unit of dark riders, bigger corsair units, and a few more crossbowmen. You also need a BSB. I'd recommend a death hag BSB on a cauldron.

01-06-2011, 21:31
Okay so what is a BSB and what would you recommend for it?

(EDIT) Okay so Banner Standard Bearer is what I'm going for BSB. Cauldron is nice so I think I'll go with that, I'm guessing I just have it keep the rear within the 12" of the charging units. Combined the Knights, no more champs, debating on the assassins, and wasn't too attached to the bolt throwers. I have the 2X 10 crossbowmen and I'm left with 150 without any assassins. Oh and a 20 man unit of Black Guard because they look cool.

I was wondering mainly on how to rank up the infantry. I know I'm doing two ranks of five for the crossbows and two ranks of five for the knights, but not sure about the rest and where to put the sorceress. Ideas?

01-06-2011, 21:48
A Battle Standard Bearer- let's you re-roll all failed ld test within 12".

Your best shot is what Don suggested, a Death Hag with the BSB and Cauldron of Blood upgrades. She doesn't need any magic items, just run her as she comes because at 225pts she's already fairly expensive.

01-06-2011, 22:28
I'd keep the champion in a bigger unit. Giving him ironcurse icon is a real winner.

But in smaller units, he can't decline a challenge. So he'll get cut down pretty easily. Which isn't always a bad thing (stops a high S character taking it out on the unit). But the option too is nice.

Lord Asuryan
01-06-2011, 22:33

1. as has been noted, ring of hotek off the sorceress. the focus familiar is good if you're taking death (short ranges) but not so much with other lores, and the sacrificial dagger is a bomb.

2. corsairs. overpriced, no better defensively than spearmen, and only slightly better offensively. as these are your line units, they will get eaten by almost anything else in the game. spearmen are cheaper, and are good sacrifice targets.

3. no dark riders? or harpies? warmachine heavy armies will rip you to shreds. find the points for at least two units of distractors and warmachine hunters.

4. cold one knights: consolidate into 1 unit, add a master with the deathpiercer (or hell, even malus if you have points to spare) and you have an effective cavalry unit. units of 5 cavalry do jack all in 8th.

5. assassins: not really efficient as infantry killers anymore. back in 7th, they were amazing, but now, they'll rarely make their points back. remove.

6. shades, on the other hand, are quite nice for harassment, and can really benefit from a rending stars/manbane assassin for taking down big t6 gribblies.

7. reaper bolt throwers are OK, but honestly? overcosted. we pay 3 times what goblins do for one better BS and repeater fire. but if you think they'll help you (AKA, your opponents do not employ either warmachine hunters or cannons) then take them, but don't rely on them to do anything amazing.

8. hydras are always a good choice, but you may take some flack from your friends for playing 2 of them in a friendly game.

9. you need a mainstay unit that can dish out damage in combat. black guard are excellent for this, and executioners, if sufficiently large, can fill this role. I suggest at least one such unit in every list

10. repeater crossbowmen are the best core we have. more is always good.

01-06-2011, 22:47
I have to disagree with the Corsairs remark, I used to be in the same camp but I now cannot speak highly enough of them- a bunker of attacks, as well as fantastic durability against shooting, has completely won me over.

In fact, I'm now struggling to justfiy having an expensive unit of Witches as well as my Corsair block instead of investing those Special points into big shade unit.

01-06-2011, 22:51
List Edited

01-06-2011, 22:58
Kouran isn't worth the enormous price tag attached to him

01-06-2011, 23:03
No? What would you suggest? I kind of like him xD. He isn't tough but he's strong plus with int 6 for a challenge. Unbreakable (not that you really need it with the BSB but hey).

01-06-2011, 23:06
I don't actually run a champion with my Black Guard, I've not found them to be worth the points.

01-06-2011, 23:22
Alright thanks for all the advice! Now I'll see how well I can do strategy wise xD.

01-06-2011, 23:38
Nice list for the most part! Along with other people's advice, I think you may be wanting for a few more crossbowmen at that size game.

As for strategy, Fantasy's mechanics, especially the relative importance of deployment and movement can be a bit tricky to get a good grip on without a few games experience. Are you going to jump right in at this points level or start smaller?

02-06-2011, 00:17
Borrowed my friend's Skaven army and played 2250 pts. in a tourney at my local game shop Coliseum of Comics. I won every game but came in second place because of victory points, got best general though =).