View Full Version : Bretonnia 2000pts All Mounted

01-06-2011, 20:44
This is my latest draft for my tale of gamers campaign that my LGS is running.

We had to right a list with a theme. The theme for this list are dragon hunters from Bastonne. Noble List as the lord feels they will get in the way.

Anyway to the list

Bret Lord
Lance (Theme rather than usefulness)
Virtue of Heroism
Relic Blade
Dawn Stone
Dragon Helm
Potion of Speed
Grail Vow (For charging out of units at Monsters)

Lvl 4
Lore of Heavens

Dragonbane Gem
Sword of Might

Knights of the Realm x15
Full commmand
Gleaming Pendant

Knights of the Realm x15
Full command

Kinght of the Realm x6
Full Command
Banner of Eternal Flame

Pegasus Knights x3

Grail Knights x6
Full Command
War Banner

comes in at 1996pts

I know I am facing a 5 Spinx Tomb King List
a Jack of all trades High Elf List
a White Lion Themed High Elf List
Vampire counts massive Ghoul and Grave Guard units
Shooty Dwarfs
Empire fair amount of shooting

what do you think of the list?