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02-06-2011, 12:23

I made a list below. Its my first try so I dont know how good it is or what is good in the army. Criticism is appreciated.

Herald of tzeentch w master of sorc & spell breaker-165
Herald of Slaanesh w BSB, Standard of sundering & siren song-190

30 Bloodletters w FC-390
20 Daemonettes w FC-270

3 Nurgling bases-105

3 Flamers-105
3 Fiends-165

02-06-2011, 13:03
I'd go with 2 fiends and a single fined personally.

I'm not convinced making that Slaanesh herald so expensive is a good idea, they're very fragile.

Also, you need to specify what lore you're taking on the Tz herald. I'd suggest Shadow- Mindrazor on Daemonettes is truly horrifying to behold.

I'd also even out the daemonettes/bloodletter ratio, 'letters are good but the 'nettes are better in more match-ups in my opinion.

Not seen Nurglings used too much, so not really got any feedback on them.

Wade Wilson
02-06-2011, 13:24
If you drop the standard of sundering you can use the 50 points for more damonettes to make that unit a bit bigger. If your herald is going in there the more models the better (soak up missile hits for the turn or two it should take you to get into combat). An extra 4 daemonettes gives you 24 + herald for a 25 model unit. 5x5 ranks? or 6x4 to get more attacks? Just an idea. :)

I havnt used nurglings so cant possibly comment, flammers and fiends are brilliant though.

02-06-2011, 13:41
cool, well i figured since nurglings have scout and poisoned they would make great war machine hunters and having 3 bases I think gives enough wounds and attacks to easily take machines out.

Reason the herald is expensive is cause of the banner, I had 50 pts spare so I figured its a good start.

I would select either shadow or death for the tzeentch herald.

I tried to fit a daemon prince in there somewhere but 375pts for 1 model is pretty expensive, maybe at 2000pts I can fit in a bloodthirster in :D