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02-04-2006, 18:48
Is there any more detailed background for Ryza than "they make plasma lots"? IA1 certainly doesnt seem to have much more than that. Im especially interested in info about the world itself(atmosphere, orbital structures, landmarks etc), any Knight Worlds they hold dominion over, and the organisation and colourscheme of their Skitarii regiments.

02-04-2006, 19:47
I don't remember seeing anything other than that. The only real mention of Ryza has been in relation to its expertise with plasma technology.

Ryza also had a mention in older background works as an agri-world, iirc. I would hazard, however, that this refers to another planet of the same name, rather than the forgeworld.

The kind of information you are after doesn't really exist in the background. It is very rare to find a planet that has any of its features beyond basic world-type defined. The Skitarii also, to the best of my knowledge, have never received any kind of in depth write up. It is the same with specific knight worlds. Their way of life and general attributes are well known, but I cannot recall any ever being specifically named.

Unfortunately, you are pretty much in the dark here, although you can obviously infer some details from other background. For example, most forgeworlds are similar to hiveworlds in appearance, urban centres and so forth (although to a lesser extreme than the hiveworlds themselves). The Skitarii seem to have been broadly similar in organisational terms to the Imperial Army, and I would have thought that they would wear similar colours (ie: camouflage), with the addition of the red and white of the Adpetus Mechanicus, as well as the Cult Mechanicus symbol.

These are only going to be generalisations, nothing specific to Ryza, but hopefully it's of some help.


Brother Othorio
02-04-2006, 20:29
i havent heard of a forge-world of Ryza, but i have heard it claimed that Ryza is heavily forrested ~ its possible its more of an R&D world rather than industrial

Puffin Magician
02-04-2006, 20:37
...atmosphere, orbital structures, landmarks etc; any Knight Worlds they hold dominion over, and the organisation and colourscheme of their Skitarii regiments.I'd consider myself extraordinarily lucky if I came across information like that about any Forge World, let alone a specific one.

I too have heard that Ryza is [heavily] forested, I don't remember it's production grade [IA1 too heavy to retrieve right now] but it's possible that Ryza simply isn't old or huge enough to have ruined the ecosystem [yet...], or production is somehow different than say, Gryphonne IV, and there's an atmospheric equilibrium.

Other than that, it's the same-old "Plasma experts" and I believe there was an Ork Waaagh in the area where Ryza was successfully defended.

02-04-2006, 20:42
Ryza was mentioned in the 2nd ed IG codex as part of the catachan fluff. Then it was described as a heavily forested, sparely populated agri world which had been invaded by Orks. I seem to remember something about the LR extreminator as well but it has been about 10 years since Ive read it ;)

Consistency? GW fluff? never.

23rd elysian
02-04-2006, 21:13
This link is good for a map of the 40k universe. Find ryza and click the link. It too mentions an ork invasion.


(on the map ryza is in the bottom left square of the four central squares. Quite near earth. I have no idea how reliable that stuff is.)

02-04-2006, 21:42
I seriously doubt it is still heavily forrested, if indeed it was the same planet. The grading system seems to be:

....and so on. And Ryza is graded I-Prima in IA1, only two increments below Mars. At those kind of pollutant levels, it would take a relatively tiny amount of time to destroy the eco-system, certainly less than a millenium.

It's frustrating how little info is available about stuff like this. Think if we asked FW would consider doing an article in IA5 about the various Forge Worlds?

03-04-2006, 12:03
Well, the only other info I can come up with is that it also specialises in magnetic containment field technology, and that it's Titan legion is Legio Crucius (Warmongers). It was once unsuccessfully invaded by Orks.

That's all collected from one article, so all of it is relevant to the Forge World.

The Inventor
17-01-2014, 02:39
Isn't it possible that there is more than one planet within the Ryza system; where the Imperium have an operation going on?
There would easily be a world for agriculture, and some filthy blasted rock barely able to keep men alive which was designated a forge world since no one cared about what was living there anyway?

17-01-2014, 03:43
One IA stated that Ryzan regiments still use the LE Executioner almost exclusively. Only ones in the galaxy to.

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17-01-2014, 20:46

The heraldry for the titan legion is black and white.
If your intention is to do a non titan force later, it'd look good with the same heraldry.

19-01-2014, 19:13
Maybe the mentioned forested Ryza has something to do with the knight worlds surrounding some forgeworlds founded before the Great Crusade. These knightworlds would be associated with the forgeworld in their center, so there would be the "true" Ryza, a forgeworld covered in smog, and a couple "ryza" knightworlds that still have forests and general natural beauty.

Edit: found that on my harddrive, from a list of forgeworlds-origin unknown:


Status: Active

Prod. Grade: I-Prima

Location: Segmentum Solar

Titan Legion: Legio Crucius (Warmongers)

Notes: The tech-adepts of Ryza are experts in plasma reactor and magnetic containment field technology. In consequence, Ryza's Skitarii regiments heavily feature Plasma weaponry. Ryza is the primary producer of the Leman Russ Executioner, a Leman Russ variant armed with a Plasma Destroyer. Ryza's own Skitarii are equipped almost exclusively with the temperamental Executioners.
Ryza was once invaded by an Ork Waagh but repulsed it with aid from the surrounding systems. This was known as the Ryza Campaign.
Sadlyen Falls XXI

Status: Active

and another tidbit:

Ryza Demi-Legio (Warmongers), Emperor Class Titan Praedo Deictus destroyed vs. Chaos on Kado

The Inventor
20-01-2014, 04:49
I agree with the idea about "Knight worlds"; It has never spoken to my mind that in the Imperium of mankind we build a forge world ( which everyone knows will poison the entire planet ) and forgot about all that breathable air and useful surface space / resources (ecology?) then ship food for 80,000,000 people from other systems.
For the record Eighty Billion people ( one of the numbers I saw for an "average forge world") would need 5 pounds x population everyday to survive + that many pounds of water to drink.
I did some research online and found that it takes like 150 liters of water to make one pound of wheat and about 4 to 6 months... "Man cannot live by bread alone" as Jesus said, so the people are eating about 24 Million tons ( standard / American tons ) of food a day! (And that much more water ). I will skip any other details about air intake, and sundries....
No planet could land or move that much food on/off world regularly and maintain any kind of breathable or useful ecology.

*I'm writing a 40k / Rogue Trader novel.

My working theory about forge worlds / agri-worlds is more like this.
The Tech Priests have basically unlimited power ( through plasma engines ) and effectively complete control over how resources are spent as well as how to make anything they desire.
If you have free power you can grow food. This is probably done on several levels or stages like this.
1 Production of factory-vats where nutrient rich simple plants ( or microbial animal life / fungus ) will be raised by incalculable quantities to provide all the basic needs of the people living at the bottom of the societal levels. It's like Soilent Green, but much-much worse in every way. Instead of simply eating each other after reducing our bodies to hot dog like products we are taking the very sewer's contents and straining them out through nearly every plant and animal which is beneficial to mankind, and then feeding it to those simple organisms. "Waste not, want not" is the motto of the Tech Priests I'm sure. All resources are precious and if you can find a use for it there's no benefit in throwing it away.
All you need is heat, light and some machines to pump water and air through tubes/vats/lakes/ Any sized container will do, and any number of smaller containers is possible when you have a planet's worth of industry devoted to your whims.

2 We need vitamins and minerals; all of which can be extracted through simple chemistry on a factory basis.

3 Luxury goods "real processed food" : like every good gamer knows there are nutrient bricks, "protein packs" and a myriad of other Meals Ready to Eat In Space *Dramatic voice here.
But anyone with two coins to rub together wants something more, even if they don't know what it is. Some people will simply pay anything to eat a food which they've never seen or heard of and that means there will be a need among the population for "real food, Processed"; Canned / dried or whatever. It will in some ways resemble what we think of as "the worst instant meals ever" but have what we could call today "recognizable food parts". (Dinty Moore beef stew / Armour hot dogs ) being two prime examples. Only about twenty to thirty percent of a population in a hive would be able to say they had disposable income and buy this level of food. It requires some kind of animals and complex plants to be grown and harvested and processed before being shipped off. There is no way someone is providing 20 Billion people cans of Stag Chili with beans on a daily basis from another world. These have to be grown in underground complexes that span miles and miles, probably they are simply the old areas no longer being mined or were deliberately cut into the rock to support the growing population's needs.

4 Food, like you find in Fred Meyer's: My guess is that about One percent of the forge world's population eat what we the average person in a first world country now would know and enjoy as food. That's just under One Billion People by the estimates provided, or 1/7th Earth's population ( and frankly that is doable on earth today if you had to crunch the numbers ). This requires pastures and wheat fields today; but Could easily just be "Cube Farms" in the Grim Dark Future, where cows and pigs are raised by the million in cells and fed until they are ready for slaughter much like the Matrix movie showed us our own future would be like.

5 For fit for a King: At some point you simply have to go all out, a feast for two thousand of your closest suck ups with chocolate dipped pheasants and gilded strawberries or thousand year old casks of white wine and cheeses made from special cows who lace the milk with "mind altering chemicals" to added tasting benefits. Even if 1/110th of One Percent of the population is living in a level of wealth to enjoy what we today would call "the high life"; that would be about 80 Million ( if my math is off I apologize it's late for me ). And that is a pretty manageable number of people to provide wines, chocolates, fancy imported meats and things for, though staggering to think about the impact on the planet. Most of these too I think would have been grown nearby either in-system or just a short jump away.

6 Space is vast, Distances are vast. I never liked the idea that in the 40k universe we build a 3 million ton cargo ship to push wheat from one planet to another planet dozens of light years (or more) away. If you can build a spaceship the size of Manhattan island; you can make a space station, if you can do that you park it in orbit of the star your forge world is on track circling and simply grow any damn thing you want... If you can build one, they'll build more until you have enough food ( protein paste? ) for the supplies you need every day...

7 Some things will be imported of course because it's desirable or because it's fashionable but I think that Ryza (and all other forge worlds) have a "garden spot" where they grow nice things and rich people vacation? But that the majority of their nutrients are grown / raised / created : in processes which could only be defined as "dehumanizingly industrial and unnatural" But since it doesn't sound very nice and because it would expose a MASSIVE weakness in human supply chains it is never spoken of. Better to make the enemy believe you need ships to bring all your food and grow it in vats under your floor boards than to make them think you are self sufficiency is tied to daily shipments of every staple food and raw material...

Any other ideas?

Askil the Undecided
20-01-2014, 06:56
You seem to have failed spectacularly to grasp the simple truth f a forge world.

The Admech doesn`t care, Forge worlds are run on logic and the whimsy of the Magi is equal measure.

As far as the Mechanicus is concerned food is fuel and as long as you keep workng relatively effectively (i.e. you don`t die or suffer impaired functon) that is good enough. Soylent viridiens, protein paste or nurtient slurry (think the grey goop they ate in the Matrix) are kinds of fuels the AdMech would use to keep their "organic assets" (population) functioning.

The Inventor
20-01-2014, 07:38
I'm sure that you're right about the vast majority of human assets being fed a scientifically balanced diet of liquid ingredients; but I also think that there are still many within the Ad/Mech and attached Imperial persons that there was a ready supply of other food assets. "Gasoline is what engines run on; but the better your octane the hotter your engine will run and the better performance you'll get" sort of mentality, If you are a "better engine" you need / might deserve better fuel.
It was just a thought.

Also; what do you think of my theory but used for Hive worlds Askil?

20-01-2014, 10:18
I was thinking about something similar about the feeding of a hive world's population.
The only difference is that in my theory most hives do need some imported goods, if nothing else, then ores for the industry (and fuel for their plasma generators). In Necromunda it is said that air, water and waste goes down from the spires to the very bottom of the hive. Maybe they need some imported food in the upper levels to maintain the population, because they rely on the recycling of their waste in most of the hive, but that is not 100% efficient.
So, if they are cut off from the rest of the Imperium for a few centuries, then the population shall shrink a bit every year, because some of the calories wasted in the recycling process.

Actually, you should read the old Necromunda rulebook if you haven't done it yet. There are lots of edible things in a hive, from fungus to rats. There's also a jelly made of bacteria, that looks like something their ancestors made back in the Golden Age.

20-01-2014, 10:52
I agree that the import of food for forge and hiveworlds is a smale plothole in 40k. More so when combined with the unreliability of warptravel. Examples like Valhalla, where they feed the population with giant algae-tanks, exist, so I think it's only logical to assume there are some alternatives to imports.

I alter the official fluff to my liking nearly every time ;) and in "my" 40k navy spaceships, forge,- and hiveworlds are independant from food imports but that is simply enough not to starve to death. There are still large imports, and in case of hiveworlds and spaceships these may even be necessary to keep the population happy.
But in the case of forgeworlds I can imagine a dependance on imports only in case of agri,- or knightworlds in the same solar system and so as reliable sources. The cold logic of the Admech dictates things like orbital agristations, corpse-recycling, algae tanks and geneticly altered super-plants to be selfsufficient if cut off by a warpstorm, but the food on a forgeworld would be what Askil wrote however they produce it or what they start with, the admech wouldn't bake cakes but mix averything together and add some vitamines and proteins to make the most efficient but untasty food.

The Inventor
20-01-2014, 18:44
Thanks for the Input ( I had wanted to make my story's Rogue Trader visit Ryza so I dropped in here to read ).

I remember Necromunda from when I was a kid in the early 90s ! I haven't had a rule book or anything else except figures for ages now.

Trooper, you make good points too. I will be working with all of these ideas.

thanks everyone.

20-01-2014, 19:16
I don't yet have all the Fantasy Flight 40K roleplay supplements. I don't suppose there's anything about Ryza in any of them? They seem to get overlooked from time to time in these discussions.