View Full Version : have grey knights broken av 11

02-06-2011, 22:06
I want to say I’m not a bringer of doom saying GK will be the apocalypse but...

phsycannons, it seems to me with so many strength 7 rending shots will take down lots of rhinos and razorbacks and chimeras with ease. I mean I played a blood angles army with about a million assault cannons and they broke vehicles well enough, i can only imagine what the higher strength and more shots can do.

then there is obviously the feared 2 TL autocannon shots from dreads. more av 11/12 breaking shots, and if there venerable and in cover, shots that will be shooting every turn.

so if av 11 is dead in the tournament, (not saying it is but lets imagine) then what would be the route to go. land raiders for standard troops (there is no melta in the army) and lots of high av, LOL dark eldar.

Opinions please, am i Nostradamus in disguise or a raging nerd.(or both)

02-06-2011, 22:09
Yeah, grey knights would be Waaaaaay op in Fantasy. I think they belong in the 40k.....or maybe this post belongs in a different forum;)

02-06-2011, 22:11
this is the 3rd time i have done this, all 3 in fantasy and about GK, it must be a curse