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03-06-2011, 12:30
I've never really heard anyone talk about The Blue Scribes, and having faced them a few times I wanted to check we're playing them correctly because their ability seems ridiculously good for the points. For just over 80 points you get a flying lvl 2 wizard who can cast a random spell each turn, and for every successful spell the enemy casts (even if that spell is subsequently dispelled) they Daemons get +1 PD next turn? The Daemons are routinely getting +3 and +4 PD per turn when they play me - I dread to think what will happen when I use my Lizardmen. Sure it will be nice to get a lot of spells through with the Slann but not when the enemy has 12 PD every single turn. Is it just a hideously undercosted character? It seems to me a magic item that provided the same benefits would be worth at least as many points, and in addition you get a whole extra wizard who can channel etc.

03-06-2011, 13:34
... you get a flying lvl 2 wizard who can cast a random spell each turn...

Okay, this seems to be where the problem is. Go look at their rules again and notice what it says about their wizard level... that's right, nothing. They don't have one. So you are not getting a lvl 2 wizard, you are getting a T3, 2W flyer who can cast 1 random bound spell per turn. Oh, and they're cavalry, so only Seekers of Slaanesh can guarantee their safety with Look Out Sir rolls. This means that 1 turn of decent shooting (like 7 hits from longbows) can kill them.

Also, look up the rules for bound spells. The spell they cast each turn is not free and gets no bonus added to the dice roll. Good news is that it would count as an inate ability for handling miscasts.

03-06-2011, 18:24
Bluescribes are considerably less effective than they were - generally spell heavy armies throw fewer spells and you have to use power dice to cast the bound spell.
However getting an irresistable dwellers or pit of shades for no ill effects is great!