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03-06-2011, 13:13
So here we go:

Slann - Lore of Life
+Plaque of Tepok
+Obsidian Amu
+Ruby Ring of Rhuin
= 420 pts

20 Temple Guard
+Full Command
+Razor Standard
= 400 pts

24 Saurus Warriors
+Full Command
= 318pts

24 Saurus Warriors
+Full Command
= 294 pts

10 Skink Skirmishers
= 70 pts

6 Cold Once Cavlary
= 210 pts

= 235 pts

2 Salamanders
= 150 pts

2 Salamanders
= 150 pts

Total= 2247pts

So? any good? Room for improvement? Cav is there cause I love the models ;)

03-06-2011, 19:14
Looks like a solid start. I'd suggest a couple of tweaks;

I'd swap the Razor standard for the Eternal Flame banner. Can be a good thing against Hell pits, Hydras and Treekin

I'd also be concerned that there's no deep striking unit (chameleons or Terradons) to deal with war machines. Engaging a cannon in close combat the first or second turn can save a lot of pain...

04-06-2011, 10:28
Valid points. Will try to tweak. I Noticed my lack of machine killing power against an ork yesterday. And flame is cheaper.

Also had my first 2 battles yesterday. 1 against orks and 1 against skaven.

Beat the orks. Fairly solidly. Made some major deployment mistakes. but hell im a rooky. Still managed to come out on top. even after my slann miscasted on his second magic phase and rolling double 1 :') Yeah to bad throne of vines was scrolled.

Against skaven we had to cut the battle short. However! Giving my templeguard T8 and then the skaven ringing his bell that kills all t7 or higher models sucked! Next turn i stubornly used it on my saurus! And again the bell kills em all!

We had to stop at that point but we just made a roll to see what would happen. I would have suceeded with my T8 spell on my last saurus... and he AGAIN would have rolled 11 on his bell killing them.... Seriously I'm not using that spell gainst a skaven bell anymore!