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Mr Wizard
03-06-2011, 15:00
So I've been running this Skaven army pretty much the same way since 8th ed was released and I got my hands on 2 Island of Blood boxes worth of the furry little buggers, adding on to it whenever I could, and coming up with a decent amount of success. However, my wargaming group has wised up their act in response to my warpstone-fuelled shenanigans, and I feel I need some help to fine-tune my list. Or scrap it and start again.
Lords 285

Grey Seer 285
w/ Talisman of Preservation

Heroes 479

Chieftain 97
w/ Battle Standard Bearer, Banner of the Under Empire, Shield

Plague Priest 137
W/ 2 Hand Weapons, Level 2 Wizard,

Warlock Engineer 85
w/Level 1, Warp-Energy Condenser,

Assassin 160
w/ Ogre Blade

Core 677

39 Clanrats 176
w/ Full Command,

40 Skavenslaves 80

40 Skavenslaves 80

38 Stormvermin 341
w/ Full Command, Storm Banner,

Special 328

39 Plague Monks 328
w/ Full Command, Plague Banner

Rare 475

Doomwheel 150

Warp Lightning Cannon 90

Hell Pit Abomination 235

Comes out at 2244 points, providing my math is on the money.

A few notes in terms of strategy:
My units generally deploy in Horde formation with the Slaves standing in the front. Grey Seer goes in the Clanrats with the Assassin, BSB and the Warlock Eng in the Stormvermin, and the Plague Priest with the Plague monks purely for synergy. They either advance or bunker down, depending on whether or not they can out fight or out shoot/magic the enemy. Doomwheel and the Hell Pit take a flank to hammer, and the Warp Lightning Cannon takes the high ground. Whilst I do realise that the Assassin is not worth his points, I keep including him because I love the model and he's found some success Skitterleaping into War Machines.

The opponents I face are usually High Elves, Dwarves and Warriors of Chaos, soon to be joined by Tomb Kings, more High Elves, Orcs and Goblins, and possibly a Khorne Chaos Daemons list. Whilst the lists used to be relatively easy lists of small units, small magic and combat characters, they've started to beef up by taking multiple Horde formations, multiple Lvl 4 Wizards, and War Machines and Bloodthirsters all up in my business. So, in essence, I need to counter the things that hit harder than I do. Which appears to be a lot of things.

TL;DR: Make my Skaven more Skaven-y

04-06-2011, 12:32
I like this list, its very good. I've a few suggestions. I like the assassin but im guessing he's there as a character killer? there are better set-ups. I' guessing he's there to character kill in order to protect the seer so i'd take either - weeping blades plus potion of strength, or take a blade of corruption and an other trickster shard. with ASF and high weapon skills you'll re-roll missed hits so your unlikely to wound yourself. and then weeping blades just stand a good chance of a one turn kill so potion of strength is valuable, probably more so than the ogre blade since your likely to again kill in one turn. i'd give the banner of the under-empire to the actual stormvermin since it can't be targeted, plus then you can give him magic items, so an enchanted shield will give him 3+ armour, then maybe a ward if you see fit.

I think with magic the way it is now having 3 wizards is overkill, odds are if you roll bad they wont all get to do something, i wouldn't bother upgrading the priest to level 2, i'd give him a weapon/ward for those points, maybe even the plague scroll. consider warpstone tokens for the seer to create more dice if you roll a bad magic phase

Other than that its down to personal preference but youve nothing to war machine hunt so maybe gutter runners? i always like to take a doomrocket for my engineer :p skitterleap him to the side of a unit. if i were to do that i'd put him with the clanrats though so i can see him. But i do think this is a very good list, i agree, i use the models i like the look of, hence i run plague censors lol

07-06-2011, 16:52
You don't deploy the clanrats and slaves in horde formation do you?

I totally agree with blade of corruption and potion of strength; that's exactly what I'm planning on using.

I would look into doomrocket. for your engineer. It can be absolutely devastating.