View Full Version : Warriors of Chaos 1000pts first stab.

03-06-2011, 15:58
Frustrated with 40k, so I thought I'd give 8th ed fantasy a try. Starting out at 1000pts because I might take it to a local league starting in a couple of weeks.

Chaos Sorc[lvl2,Mark of Tzeentch,Disc,Golden Eye of Tzeentch,Spell Familiar,Enchanted Shield]=205
Marauder Horsemen[6,Axe's,Flail,Standard Bearer,Musician,Mark of Slanesh]=130
Marauder Horsemen[6,Axe's,Flail,Standard Bearer,Musician,Mark of Slanesh]=130
Chosen[15,Full Command,Halbed & Shield,Mark of Tzeentch,Favor of the Gods,Flaming Banner]=385
Warshrine[Mark of Tzeentch]=150
Total=1000pts exactly

Does this look ok?ie legal and capable of maybe winning a game or two once I stop having to look at the rulebook every five minutes?

03-06-2011, 17:26
This army is legal. I don't know if its capable of winning more than a few games. The horsemen will die very fast to shooting. And a lone block of chosens is easily outmaneuvered.

I know its damn hard to build a good 1000 points army with WOC. Everything is expensiv as hell, except marauders. But those need a BSB to work.
I'll take part in a 1k point tourney tomorrow and plan on using 2 units of 5 knights, 5 horsemen, 10 warriors and a sorc on disk.