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Myelinated Axon
03-06-2011, 20:27

I've been playing 40k for a few years, and I'm trying to get into Fantasy. To get started I picked up four of the Island of Blood Skaven sets and a Hell Pit Abomination. The goal of list below is to use as many of the models I have as possible, which I was able to do, bar one Warlock Engineer.

Total: 2992 Points

Warlord -- Halberd, Shield, Wizarding Hat

Warlord -- Shield, Fellblade

Warlord -- Shield, Warpforged Blade, Skaven Brew

Chieftain -- Halberd, Shield, Battle Standard, Warlock Augmented Weapon, Rat Hound Bodyguard

Warlock Engineer -- Level 1 Wizard, Warplock Pistol, Brass Orb

Warlock Engineer -- Level 1 Wizard, Warplock Pistol, Death Globe, Warpstone Token

Warlock Engineer -- Level 1 Wizard, Warplock Pistol, Doom Rocket, Warpstone Token, Rat Hound Bodyguard

4x of the following:
20 Clanrats -- Shields, Full Command, Poisoned Wind Mortar

4x of the following:
20 Clanrats -- Shields, Full Command, Warpfire Thrower

4 Rat Ogres/2 Packmasters

4 Rat Ogres/2 Packmasters

Hell Pit Abomination

A lot of the upgrades on the characters (e.g. shields, rat hounds) were added because I had spare points, but not enough to add in a fourth Warlock Engineer. The essential tactic is that each Lord/Hero joins a unit of Clanrats, everything surges forward, and a bunch of stuff dies. I went with Clanrats rather than Skavenslaves because I wanted to use the Weapon Teams that come in the IoB box. Additionally, I was planning on running them in units of four ranks of five models.

Any suggestions?

03-06-2011, 22:17
The key with the new edition of Fantasy (And this is from a few weeks of research, not personal hands on experience since I too have been entrenched in 40k for awhile) is to have large blocks to either make a super killy horde unit or a super ranked anti-steadfast unit. The Skaven excel at numbers and you really need to capitalize on that!

Generally what I have seen is most people want a minimum of one unit of x50 slaves to deny steadfast, preferably two. Then they have two - three units of Clan Rats running anywhere from 30-45 strong each. After that it is all down to the specials and rares. As far as I can tell everyone loves all the rare choices for Skaven, although the Hellpit is by far the most infamous and competitive, people truly hate and fear it. The specials come down to what you like as they all have a purpose, although two units of poison-sling Gutter Runners seem to be a solid trend in most lists. Stormvermin are also popular as small bodyguard bunkers with the Storm Banner!

As far as running three lord levels heroes and 4 heroes I think it might be a bit much. If you consolidate the clanrats as I suggested you could just have one lord level that you could slap into a unit. If you are gunna run two I suggest only having one warlord and getting either a grey seer or a plague priest to mix it up!

Again, this is just from my own personal notes and observations, not on hand experience. But I know that the current edition demands some bulky units to deal with enemy bulky units. Having a smattering of little 20 units won't do you much good without some larger units to absorb some hits!

Hope that helps.

colonel kane trine
03-06-2011, 22:51
Id get rid of the units of 20 and make them into units of 40. Have them 5 wide and 8 deep to maximise the strength in numbers rule. Personally I wouldnt have so many warlords use him for his leadership not his fighting ability. Keep him in a small unit of say 19 clanrats behind your frontline. Your army gets to use his leadership and he can surge forward into combat after your frontline has weakened the foe. Also I only use 1 weapon team per 1000 points in my army as they arent cheap and can be killed fairly easy. I like having tons of slaves and clanrats in my army.
Stormvermin are good and so are plaguemonks.
Are you going to theme your army to any particular clan? Im fairly new to skaven myself so im still learning the ropes!

04-06-2011, 03:57
Do a little converting- and make one of the rat ogres into a bonebreaker- then put your warlord, with a 4+ ward save on it (I like this build- enchanted shield, talisman of preservation, warlock augmented weapon) 2+ armor, 4++ ward, 5 str 5 attacks, plus the attacks from the bonebreaker- then combine all of the rat ogres into a single unit- and stick the warlord in there-

Combine the units of clanrats to get 40- maybe one unit of 80 with spears (to make the most of the Skavenbrew)

Use any extra points to field that 4th engineer, give him the channeling staff, and some warp stone tokens (he is now a magic warmachine)

Field one of the warlocks as a lvl 2, give him the warp enegry condenser, you can also try running one with warlock optics and a warpmusket-

Take a 15 points warlock engineer and give him the brass orb- he is now a suicide engineer- skitterleap him in between the opponents units- then toss the orb (this makes it much harder to miss with it)

Just some ideas to make your list meaner- use what is appealing-