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05-06-2011, 17:31
I have 31 mounted Chaos Warriors (from the originals to the hunchbacks) and as that does little for me in the Chaos book, I got to thinking I could use them as Bretonnians. Here is my initial attempt, but any comments would be appreciated:

Lord - Barded Warhorse, Gromnil Great Helm, Talisman of Preservation, Lance of Artois, Shield

Prophetess- Barded Warhorse, Lore of Heavens, Level 4, Silver Mirror

Paladin BSB - Barded Warhorse, Virtue of Noble Disdain, Banner of the Lady

Paladin - Barded Warhorse, Morning Star of Fracasse, Dragon Claw, Shield

Damsel - Warhorse, Lore of Life, Level 2, Dispel Scroll

Damsel - Lore of Life, Level 2

10 Knights of the Realm - Full Command

10 Knights of the Realm - Full Command

10 Knights of the Realm - Full Command

16 Bowmen - Full Command, Skirmish (all of my Marauders and I cannot easily get more as they are metal)

47 Men-at-Arms - Musician, Standard (Chaos Warriors stand in here)

8 Mounted Yeomen - Musician, Standard (all of my Mounted Marauders and again I lack ready access to more as they are metal)

Trebuchet (my Warshrine)

The above means I need only find myself four more Chaos Knights, of which a full command group is included. This might mean I could get the new Knights so I have models from all generations of the unit.

05-06-2011, 20:16
Of all the proxys ive seen, no offence, this has got to be the worst in a long time. Chaos warriors arnt Bretts. youve got chaos warriors standing in as marauders. So, its not like you havent got enough for minimum core in the chaos book. And the fact youve put infantry models in your army shows your not opposed to using them.

BTW, when you say chaos warrior 'style', do you mean they are actually meant to be warriors, or just a cross between warriors and marauders?

Cus, no offence intended again, i would just use the warriors book. its a good bokk, with good units.


06-06-2011, 16:49
I'm sick of Chaos Warriors for a while (will still play them, just need a break) and am on a budget. With as many knights as I have, I never get to use them all so I figure for fun games at my local store, not tournaments, I can turn my Chaos stable into an adhoc Bretonnian force. I only said they were "Chaos Warrior style" because those are the models I'm using; past that it means nothing. I know some of the people at my local store lurk on these forums, I mentioned the planned proxies for their benefit, but the list is my main concern as I've never used Bretonnians and am looking for constructive criticism on that from a wider audience.

06-06-2011, 17:04
Taking a break, i understand. tell us how you get on! :)

06-06-2011, 17:23
Damn, those men-at-arm will look strange! Being ws 2 and to3 with such a big warrior!

But about your list, I personally think that your knights pack are not big enough. Drop A LOT of characters and boost up your KOR. Drop your mounted yeomen to 5, no more and maybe put one more trebuchet.

I'll now explain why:

Drop A LOT of character:

those Duc and Paladin are great, but what you need is Number, BIG numbers. Your rider are travelling by group of 10... This army look like it's getting the third fight in a row in less than one month... All that remains is their heroes...

And, no offence here, but did you play a lot of warhammer? Having a lvl4 + 2 lvl 2 mage is utterly unusable. Being limited to 2D6 power dice, your might have 4 to 5 magic level being completely useless.

I would personally stay with your prophetess, the bsb and that it. Boost up thoses knights with magic banners and max their numbers, completing the knight wave with some smaller pack of questing knight and errant with errantly banner.

And if you can't have more knight than that... well I suggest that you drop off your bretonnian army idea because being a knight is hard theses days... So if you do not bring more and more fellows with you, it's merely impossible to have a close to funny match.

dropping the yeomen... well, this could be your choice. 5 of them would be enough since they need to pass everywhere, but it's rather situationnal...

And about getting another trebuchet (hellcannon proxy), well, it's because they are awesome! An mainly because if you have knights, have more foot soldier is kind of useless since your army will have to split up in 2 waves, rendering your knight a lot more feeble, a thing they really don't need...

Hope those comments are not to hard or anything, I'm just trying to improve a list ;)