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Mr Moo62
06-06-2011, 02:43
So after playing Vampire Counts for about 10 months, I have decided to start up a new army. Empire definatley intrigued me, so I have decided on them.

I have had the codex for about 2 months and after reading it through for a while, I have decided to make a rough first list. Me and my friends usually try to get up to 1250 points when starting an army, so here goes my shot.

Sigmar Priest: 140 points
-Two Weapons
-Armor of Meteoric Iron

Core Units:
30 Flagellant's (Full Command): 310 points

30 Flagellant's (Full Command): 310 points

Special Units:
10 Outriders: 251 points
-Barded Horses
-Champion has Hochland Rifle

30 Great Swords (Parent Unit and Detatchments) at full command: 318 points

15 Halberdiers (full command): 87 points

15 Halberdiers (full command): 87 points

Total: 1260 Points

Please criticize because I am fairly new to the army, any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Basic strategy is me going up with the Great Swords accompanied with the Halberdiers so they can help with any close combat.

The Flagellants are again for CC support and the Priest will be accompanying them.

The Outriders are for long range, I have been thinking about them and they seem good just because of the brace of pistols and everything, but I haven't play tested them.

Feel free to comment!

06-06-2011, 02:59
I think you'd be better off splitting the Outriders into 2 units

06-06-2011, 09:03
A Warrior Priest only let's you take one unit of Flagellants as Core, not two... No real problem as the other unit is your only Rare choice. The rest of the list looks pretty nice though I miss the regular State Troops (but that might just be me).

I think you'd be better off splitting the Outriders into 2 units
That's always a good idea. This unit puts out a lot of firepower, and in smaller games you won't need the 30 shots but will find the double 15 shots more usefull...

I also think a list like this could use a unit of Huntsmen.