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07-06-2011, 13:07
Hey im a long time warhammer 40k player and am a little new so was helping what you guys suggest i should take for the final amount of points and any tweaks that need to be made.... Thanks in advance

P.s apologise about pts there from my head but this all came to 2255

Slann - Lore of Life
Extra dice per spell
Loremaster - Life
Redirect miscasts

21 Temple Guard
+Full Command

30 Saurus Warriors
+Full Command

30 Saurus Warriors
+Full Command

Stegadon 235 pts

Stegadon 235 pts

6 Chameleon Skinks 72 pts

6 Chameleon Skinks 72 Pts

1 Salamanders 75pts

1 Salamanders 75 pts

This is for 2400 pts and i need guidence on the remaining 145 any suggestions on this? Much obligued


07-06-2011, 15:25
Looks like a solid list, I'd use those 145 points and invest in another character, maybe a fighty killy one. BTW I assume the Slann is also your general, but it's nice to have you say so.

07-06-2011, 15:37
With the remaining points you could buy two units of skink skirmishers, a dispel scroll priest or a warspear chief to sit on one of those stegs.

Im not sure if those suggestions are amazing as i too am a 40k player starting lizardmen, im currently working on a southlands list.

09-06-2011, 12:22
Thanks for the suggestions. Would people think adding a skink priest on a stegaon is a good idea? My theory being that a) the little blighter is hidden away and b) i gte a engine of the gods.

It seems to be pretty useful if just for the ward save against missile fire. If not i have an extra 55pts to spend on w/e

Alternatively i could blow my points on a scar vet for 135 vets chuck it into the temple guard, reduce it to 20 miodels and i have 35 points for bits and pieces.

I'm not overly sold on the skink lance hero simply because if he doesnt charge hes just a 3 str 4 attack charector and that 105 pts is basically wasted.

Thank you for the feedback so far