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08-06-2011, 01:48
So I thought it was about time for me to sit down and hammer out a 3000 point tournament army list so I could start to focus my collecting on a final goal. This is what I came up with over the course of an afternoon.

245 - Templar Grandmaster
-Giant Blade
-Bronze Shield

231 - Wizard Lord
-Level 3
-Barded Warhorse
-Armor of Tarnus
-Lore of ??? (Open for Suggestions)

Both join a unit of ten great weapon knightly orders.

119 - Warrior Priest
-Additional Warhammer
-Armor of Meteoric Iron
Joins the unit of halberdiers.

65 - Master Engineer

65 - Master Engineer

Each engineer is put in a Helblaster crew to decrease likelihood of self-destruction and increase deadliness.

425 - 40 Swordsmen
-Full Command
-Detachment of 20 Handgunners

420 - 40 Halberdiers
-Full Command
-Detachment of 20 Handgunners

270 - 10 Knightly Orders
-Great Weapons
-Full Command

230 - 20 Greatswords
-Full Command

230 - 20 Greatswords
-Full Command

100 - Great Cannon

100 - Great Cannon

300 - Steam Tank

110 - Helblaster Volley Gun

110 - Helblaster Volley Gun

Welp, there you have it. For some reason it still seems like I'm missing something important but besides the skimpy cavalry and magic nothing really strikes me as being blatantly wrong. But thats why I posted this, so you guys could tell me where I screwed up, so please leave your advice. Thanks for taking a look. Oh and be sure to let me know what you would use as your lore of magic in this situation, because I just can't decide.

08-06-2011, 09:03
Firstly, I'd split both units of hangunners into two 10s. More options to shoot that way.

Looks good other than that. Lore of magic? I'd go beasts magic. Wyssans wild form is great on knights. The +3 attacks, +3 Strength will be really good for your for your Templar Grand master, and the +3 Toughness would be great to keep the wizard alive. Amber spear is always nice. And it never hurts to turn into a dragon :p


08-06-2011, 09:18
I would try to fit in a mortar or two considering they are one of the best artillery pieces in the game right now(easily make back their 75pts in one shot).

Ive never tried a TGM so i dont know how effective he will be but he might make those knights pack more of a punch.

Other than that the core looks good and the greatswords will no doubt cause some pain!

08-06-2011, 09:30
Personally id run a horde of 40 greatswords over 2 20 man units. They always strike last so when they do you have to make sure it hurts. with the 30 points you save from losing FC you could make the wizard a lvl4. Also i agree with the sheriff regards the handgunners. Splitting them into units of 10 gives you more shooting options. You really dont want to waste 20 handguns on tiny unit when 10 would easily do the job. Also id put the warrior priest with the greatswords rather than the halberds. They hurt more... :P

09-06-2011, 20:13
So I'm definitely breaking up the big 20 man handgun detachments into smaller 10 man detachments which will flank the parent unit. I'm still considering some of the other suggested changes.

09-06-2011, 22:27
Right try dropping this list into the Empire 8th edition tactica lookout thread over in the tactics section. You get some good advice from the likes of Freddieyu and Lord Solar Plexsus.

Where's your battle standard bearer no Empire army should leave home without one. I mean it these guys are critical to holding your fragile ld7 army in placed. He will need protection. The armour of meteioric iron should do nicely and it keeps him cheapish at 100 points.

I would combine the Greatswords in one unit of forty.
It works so well I own two units of 40. :D

The Templars Grandmaster needs more protection. The dawn armour is quite nice. Small units of knights cannot take on anything other than small units with out infantry support.

Drop the sheilds off the halberdiers, trust me you cam use those forty points better else where.

As above I would be inclined to drop 20 handgunners for two mortars they do far more damage and are 10 points cheaper.

Helblasters look good on paper but that BS 3 just kills you. It's rare to get a short range shot most infantry charges 11 inches on an average roll. Your short range is 12.

Luckly the helstorms and helblasters come on the same kit;).

So to summerise.

1) You need a battle standard if nothing else take this one piece of advice.

2) Greatswords get targeted by spells and the like small units die fast. Strength in numbers.

3) The Grand Master is your general protect him.

4) Handgunners are nice, mortars are awesome.

5) you need at least 1 big ass hammer in your army.

6) Have fun.