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08-06-2011, 15:02
Vampire Lord- Sandra Arminger (props to anybody who gets the reference)-general
Level 4 Upgrade
Master of the Black Arts
Dark Acolyte
The Cadaverous Cuirass
Dragoncurse Gem

Vampire Lord - The Red Duke
Red Fury
Infinite Hatred
Dread Knight
Crown of the Damned
The Other Trickster's Shard
Blood Drinker

Wight King BSB
Drakenhof Banner

Dispel Scroll
The Flayed Hauberk
Walking Death

5x Blood Knights
-The Balefire Spike
Standard Bearer
-The Royal Standard of Strigos

The Black Coach 200

3x Cairn Wraiths 150

48x Ghouls, Gast 392

45 Ghouls 360

45 Ghouls 360

This is a concept I posted at 2200 a while back, but I think it works much better at 3k (e.g. with a capable caster vamp as well). The general and the BSB go in the large unit of ghouls. The general, of course, will be almost impossible to kill: t5, immune to KB, and will either have regen (vs normal attacks) or a 2+ ward (vs flaming), plus being camped on a horde corner and therefore hard to allocate. The combat vamp goes in the blood knights, and brings piles and piles of them back before they swing, against most foes. In test games, this unit has never died completely, and their damage output speaks for itself. The flaming lance is for reasons of HPAs.

The wraiths are to hunt war machines, the coach is for magic defense (a problem for vamps, I discover) and it's a very fast list. I will absolutely have VHDM (full lore coverage) and it's a lot of ghouls, although I know they're kind of meh. With regen, the one unit is very hard to ever finish off.

I'm particularly interested in advice on the lords section. How do folks think it could be improved? Is ToTS the best use of that 15 points, or should it be summon ghouls on the lady, or something else completely? Is the Crown of the Damned really worth it or would a 1+ rerollable armor save be sufficient (costs the same number of points).

Feedback would be very, very welcome.

08-06-2011, 15:22
I like it! It has character as well. Will you buy finecast for your BK?
Sqallum :D

08-06-2011, 22:24
I personally always thing Blood knights need to be 7-8 wide to front and get maximum amount of S7 lance attacks. But 5 will work fine I guess. And it saves you buying anouther box.

I'd also be tempted to drop the ghouls down to 40 each and stick in a pair of necromancers w. Invocation, van hels.


Esco Thomson
09-06-2011, 01:14
I will not meet you in Corvallis.

But I do rather like the list, still.

Don't do the Necros, I honestly think you have enough stuff to pitch dice at already. It should be pretty solid.