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08-06-2011, 17:40
This is an army I have dreamt up:

2250 Army - The Horde of Father Necroth

Great Unclean One - Father Necroth
Trappings of Nurgle
Soul Hunger
Pestilent Mucus (for HE, WE, DE etc :D)

Herald of Nurgle - Sludgee
Slime Trail
Stream of Bile (goes with PBs)
Great Icon of Despair

25X Plague Bearers
Full Command
Icon of Seeping Decay

Herald of Khorne (goes with BLs)
Armour of Khorne

29X Bloodletters

3X Bloodcrushers

Herald of Tzeentch (goes with flamers)
Master of Sorcery

6X Flamers of Tzeentch

I love flamers, hence thier inclusion over horrors. Also, horrors are too random one killed, and can swap from giving you a good spell to a merely situational spell. The Nurgle troops are an anvil that can actually (gasp) kill things!!!! :eek: The Khorne stuff is a nasty hammer.. :D The Tzeentch stuff then kill stuff with magic, while the Herald, who will join the flamers, heals my GUO, PBs FoTs and BLs etc with regrowth or lifebloom or earthblood

Fire away,
Sqallum :cheese:

08-06-2011, 21:16
You have to split the Flamers. Max size of the unit is 6, I think the Pyrocaster is a waste of points. Maybe you can use the point of the Pyrocaster and reduce the flamers to 6 to buy a BSB. BSB in IMO a must have is every armies.

Another thing, the Herald of Nurgle is good fluffwise but due to the 8ed rules concerning ward saves and regeneration the Herald of Nurgle is pretty much useless (again IMO :)). Better to use his points to buy more good stuff, like gifts for the Herald of Khorne or a magical banner like the Great Icon of Despair.

08-06-2011, 22:12
The herald of nurgle isn't useless. He's T5 (which would be great for a bsb) and makes your plaguebearers take 16% less damage than with the ward save. I wouldn't normally take nurgle stuff, but it's your theme.

But, drop a flamer and the pyrocaster and get armour of khorne for your herald of khorne, and bsb for your nurgle herald. You could also drop 6 plague bearers (making them 25 with a character, 5x5 for optimum anvil-ness) and grab the great icon of despair.


09-06-2011, 16:28
OK. on what unit?

09-06-2011, 18:40
Since you choose to go Nurgle give the Herald of Nurgle the Great Icon of Despair.
It's not the most competitive option but it's your theme and it's cool :)

Maybe you can give a standard instead of a champion to your Bloodcrushers, it's more useful.

10-06-2011, 15:19
I agree. I will :)