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03-04-2006, 15:17
Ok even though there are no pictures ready at the momment, I thought I'd better start off with a run down of whats done and still to do.

Pictures will be up starting from next week.

purchases so far and state of compleation:

sonic drednaught- assembled and primed
knight titan (defiler stand in)- assembled, scuplting finished
aspiring champ of 1st squad- finished and painted except for backpack with needs painting still (stupid black paint dried out!)

still to get and aprox date compleation:
chaos leiutenant- next week
terminator squad- next week
squad 1
squad 2
squad 3
havoc squad

more updates to follow!

04-04-2006, 07:27
Looks good but dont forget to post pics!

06-04-2006, 11:02
ok first piccys:)


the aspiring champ of my first troops squad, he is one of my first models I
made and painted. I didnt have the hart not to include him as the model was one of the reasons I tried to start this army all those years ago.

I have done a few conversions on him earlier this week, namely giving him an
ornate sonic blaster (chaos tank sprue gargoyle head), and taken of his doom siren and added a tentecle infested backpack.

more news:

my drednaught fell and cracked at the waist so is undergoing minor repairs
before painting:(

found a random engine seer that Im going to paint up as a rouge magos biologis who helps my army harvest new geneseed
(to be used as objective marker prehaps?).

picture galery now up!


rogue magos biologis- first layer of paint aplied, face dry brushed up to elf flesh from bronzed flesh (hard to see in photo).
metal areas need to be done as well as robes working up to white

drednaught fixed (no pics yet as only undercoated)

Warboss Garfang
06-04-2006, 20:30
Well, certainly not bad, but I'd suggest cleaning up your painting style overall. You seem to have a good sense of the overall color and look you want, but based on your lord model there seem to be few highlights, and overall the actualy attention to painting doesn't seem to be significant.

That said, if you just want an army to play with, not necessarily to look beautiful, keep it up, should be fine on the table.

06-04-2006, 23:03
As I said thats a really old model, that Im reusing as an aspiring champion in a troops squad. I just didnt have the heart not to include him, I do agree that the paint job isn't up to scratch on that one plus the picture has come out a tad bit too flared.

The second one only has the first paint layer done, hopefull next week i will be able to finish him off as well as start on the terminator squad and lord (if they arrive). Also i will have the deamonettes started next week as well.

10-04-2006, 13:42
Ok an update.

leuitenant and termi squad assembled undercoated and started on the painting,


termi squad

more pics on my photobucket (see earlier post http://s10.photobucket.com/albums/a1...rs%20children/)

Deamonettes assembled and undercoated

10-04-2006, 13:57
Lovely colours, I can't wait to see something finished, but I won't say much more, this post is really just so that I'm subscribed to this thread.

I look forward to updates :).


10-04-2006, 15:21
deamonette test:
still no idea what colour to do the talons, the eyes will probably be jade green

eyes done, dark angels green with jade mascara

12-04-2006, 11:17
Ok termis are almost finished (well roughly!)
and pics should be up tomorrow or friday.

Also just a bit of a querey, I am about to start painting the drednaught, and was wondering on peoples opinions should it be:

A) painted in the origional legion colours of purple with gold trim (as the termis)
B) black and neon pink scheme(as the troops)

20-04-2006, 14:26
just a heads up to say the project is coming on slowly
but surely.
Had a very busy easter weekend as well as news a friend of mines just died, so thats why there has been no more updates over the past week.

on saturday I will post the work in progress pics of my knight titan as well as hopefully updated pics of the termis, provided they dont break during transit to London.

22-04-2006, 22:20
piccy of knight titan with deamonette for size comparison:

for more images and a talk through if anyone cares I'll post a new thread in painting and terrain.

finished magos biologis (maybey needs an ink wash though?) :

22-04-2006, 22:28
the only comment i would make is regarding the "shoulders" on the knight either reduce how far they stick out from the body or bulk them and the arms up (like a gorilla) at the moment they look too flimsy with a lot of deadspace space. Apart from that the arms and body itself looks like a job well done thoughthe tentacles could maybe d owith a bit more detailing on the green stuff tips though its difficult to tell without a close up.

22-04-2006, 22:31
I will be bulking up the under arms as soon as I have a bit more free time and the termies are finished painting, thanks for the input

22-04-2006, 23:06
I would hit the magos with a couple purple ink washes. all over.

I think it would look funky.

24-01-2007, 11:51
Phew it's been a while!

I have finally got a minor update of work on the army namely
a pic of the dred and a close up of some of the sculpting of the knight
titan (based on the slaanesh book of chaos picture from codex chaos)



I will also now be using this thread to showcase some of my ravenwing models since the army is being redone soon and new, models are coming out.

here is the first ravenwing piccy my librerian and pre 4th ed master:

24-01-2007, 12:04
Also for your purusal here are my current lists for both armys:

Emperors children 1,999pts:
Lt- termi armour, spiky bits, MOS, pair of lightning claws, doom siren

Chosen termis- (6)MOS
free aspiring champ, 4 sonic blasters, 2 blastmasters, and all power weapons

deamonettes- (6)

noise marines squad 1- (6)MOS
5 sonic blasters, 1 blastmaster, infiltrate,free aspiring champ with teleport homer, powerweapon, demonic visage

noise marine squad 2- (6)MOS
5 sonic blasters, 1 blastmaster, free aspiring champ

noise marine squad 3- (6)MOS
5 sonic blasters, 1 blastmaster, free aspiring champ

noise marine squad 4- (6)MOS
5 sonic blasters, 1 blastmaster, free aspiring champ

noise marine bikers- (6)MOS
3 sonic blasters, 2 meltaguns, free aspiring champ with demonic str
lightning claw and teleport homer

slaanesh house devine knight titan (defiler)- MOS

Drednaught- MOS
blastmaster, doom siren, extra armour

Noise marine havocs- (6) MOS
free aspiring champ 2 sonic blasters, 4 blastmasters, tank hunters

Ravenwing 1,499pts (subject to change and uping of points to 2,000 when new dex hits)-

grand master with bike, termi honors, twin lightning claws and combat sheild

epistolry with bike, termi honours, bolt pistol, fear the dark, veil of time and combat sheild

bike squad 1- (4)
2 flamers and vet sarge with power weapon and bolt pistol

bike squad 2- (5)
2 plasma, attack bike with heavy bolter and vet sarge with plasma pistol and bolt pistol

bike squad 3- (4)
2 melta guns, melta bombs and vet sarge with thunder hammer and bolt pistol

landspeeder tornado 1

landspeeder tornado 2

landspeeder tornado 3

attack bike 1- multimelta

attack bike 2- multimelta

attack bike 3- multimelta

31-01-2007, 21:04
I look forward to playing the completed army. Race ya!


01-02-2007, 14:46
(maybey needs an ink wash though?) :
Inspired use of the engineseer as an EC model, I would never have thought of that meself ...

That said, I do think he could use an ink wash. In fact, I'm just getting into dipping and I would love to dip this army of yours - you've got all the colors down with good control and all, but a good washing and/or highlights would really give the models depth too. Dip would do this nicely, in theory, though I'm not suggesting you necessarily go that route your self :angel:

The knight titan is something else too, nice work. The tentacle hand is particularly slaaneshi :eek:

- Salvage

01-02-2007, 17:50
He should have an ink wash. Good work.


24-05-2008, 15:06
Ok update after an age...

After much hijinx of models being pack moved for games, packed up agin and sorted then stored.

I have finnaly got all my old projects together and thought well now a new list is out time to finally get my kiddies painted only to find the box with finished and painted models in has gone :(

So one squad of converted noise termis and the stupidly expensive kit bash knight titan and finished troopers and forgeworld dred have decided to try and find whre it is that the biros go.

So it seems time to put this thread down.