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03-04-2006, 16:18

This is my first thread after lurking on the rumour forums...

Anyway, i am re-jigging my Bretonnian army (previously, yet another Cav-hammer). I have the core etc nailed down;

-8 x KoTR (full Comm), + BSB

-8 x Errant (Full Comm), + Quest Paladin

-20 x MAA (Full Comm)
-20 x MAA (Full Comm), +Paladin (Virtue Empathy)

-16 x Peasant Bows

-6 x Yeoman (music)

-4 x Peggy's (music/free galant)


+Plus a 'caddy' Damsel to camp in a nice safe wood or out of the way.


I have a (half done, but getting there) Lord on a pegasus, nice model :D But i am stumped as to what combination to give him??? He WILL have the grail vow, but I can't think what else to give him. His role will be to stay around the battle line and keep it in order untill something 'nasty' turns up, so his job will be killing off chaos lords, vampires, stray monsters etc etc.......(well, trying the best he can).

So what do you think? 'No-holds-barred' - Uber Lord.

BTW: This is not a 'rate my armylist thread', that's not up for debate.

03-04-2006, 16:53
Hmmm, I would give him the locket thingy (he cannot lose more than 1 wound per turn, enchanted shiled, lance, heavy armor, pegasus, and lastly, the tres of isolude (excellent for taking on enemy cahracters). Here you go, oh and by the way, In a brettonian army you MUST take a paladin to be the BSB.

04-04-2006, 03:16
Personally, you can hide your guy on a pegasus pretty well. Cannon Balls will be something to avoid. But a 20" charge can help that you alot. For me, I would use the Bret lord as a character-killing "bullet piece".

For example, Gauntlet of the Duel, Virtue of Confidence, grail vow, enchanted shield and great gromril helm. It gives him some hitting power and staying power. He may loose combat to large ranks etc, but being able to flee 3d6 he can recover and recharge at another target.

The Devil's Right Hand
04-04-2006, 04:11
virtue of confidance, gauntlet ofthe dual, insignia of the quest.
65 pts of gear, plus peg, shield, quest vow, great weapon. 73 pts mundane. thats a 248 point lord.

or virtue of heroism, grail shield. morning star, pegausus, grail vow. 261 point lord who can hunt like a mo-fo.

04-04-2006, 09:08
Here you go, oh and by the way, In a brettonian army you MUST take a paladin to be the BSB.

Look in the KoTR regiment!

@Devils right hand: I like your second option better, I found that in his previous incarnation (Quest guy) he kept failing two fear/terror/panic tests and running off VERY quickly. So grail vow it is :D

My idea: Grail vow, virtue of the confidence, Grail shield, gauntlet of duel + magic weapon of choice. I had thought 'worm lance' especially when facing hord armies/wood-elves/tomb kings, Lance of artois had sprang to mind as well.

Not a huge fan of heroism, dont see too many 'Large targets'.