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lucky git
03-04-2006, 16:21
heej guys

I've recently started painting up a new tau army because the models look facinating and I'd like to know what you guys think about it. here my first model. its still very WIP but tips and comments are appreciated




03-04-2006, 16:26
that is a quality model, i like the fact that the suit is painted in believable colours, can't wait to see your other models when you do them. What are your plans? i mean colour scheme for stealth suits and kroot if you do them?

lucky git
03-04-2006, 16:37

forgotten to post the test model. the pics are a bit dark. I'm planning to high light the khaki to white and do orange sept colours.





03-04-2006, 16:45
Nice models lucky git!
The natural colour scheme works well for Tau, works well with the cityfight bases you've done.

Keep us updated!

03-04-2006, 16:46
Very nice colours.

Very 'Deathwing' I must say :)

Anvils Hammer
03-04-2006, 16:52
really nice, good scheme as well, are all the FW's going to have 40mm bases?

lucky git
03-04-2006, 17:17
are all the FW's going to have 40mm bases?

nope this was just a model for the local painting competition
tnx for the comment


Warboss Garfang
03-04-2006, 19:43
Cool color scheme, very realistic. I think it's very Tau, keep up the good work!

03-04-2006, 19:46
Is the back pack upside down? Great colours!

03-04-2006, 20:18
one thing i would say is to make your highlights smoother, it might just be the camera doing this, but they look a bit too large as well. Have you thought of maybe doing gold or yellow for the markings?

lucky git
03-04-2006, 20:27

started high lighting my commander. I've only done the right side because I'm tired of painting today. the backpack is a really stupid mistake but it still looks fine. the highlights on the test model arent that thick. probably the cam(still have to figure out how that thing actually works) let me know what you guys think about my commander




03-04-2006, 20:28
you're right, the highlights look a lot better on the commander.

p.s. some inspiration if you want





lucky git
04-04-2006, 08:21
heej guys

do you have any ideas how to paint the now still black armour (so on his legs etc) I dont have a clue. @ hirersword those models look facinating tnx for the pics. tips are welcome


04-04-2006, 16:18
to link it with your test model you could paint it a very silver/white (so it would be the equivalent of the firewarrior's cloth).

Alternatively, why not just do highlights of silver on the black to make it look like a very dark metal? either's good imo but you might want to use a test figure first.

lucky git
04-04-2006, 21:28
heej guys

my commander is nearly finished. I'm not that happy with the backpack and I will change that ASAPhere are the pics. its still WIP so tips and comments are appreciated





04-04-2006, 22:38
That looks ace! I love your style of highlighting.

And, the backpack does look off, but you're already looking into that.

Any plans for future models?

lucky git
06-04-2006, 10:33
heej guys

my commander is finally finished. after some debatting about colours I painted the helm white so he would stand out from the rest of the suits. here it is!!





06-04-2006, 10:50
Excellent work Sander!

Soon you will surpass your master in gaming AND painting skill. ;)

06-04-2006, 12:03
That's looking very sweet indeed.

Math Mathonwy
21-04-2006, 18:41
So... how's it going? It looked very promising - please don't give up on us :)

21-04-2006, 19:53
Looks great! Nice colours, and pulled off really well. What are you going to paint next then?

All these people who can still paint their models, makes me jealous because for its just not practical to paint while at Uni. gah!!

Keep up the good work Sander

21-08-2006, 15:23
Wow, I'm glad I found this thread early on! (I've just started a Tau army as well)

I must say that your Commander looks excellent...
I think that the backpack problem may have something to do with the sept symbol on the side...

Another compliment is due for your choice of colouring, it just seems more realistic and more feasible than the 'main' orange colour scheme...

It will be interesting to see how this army progresses(sp?)...

11-12-2006, 07:23
Great start to your army! I am also starting a Tau army and a log, and I really enjoy seeing your commander come to life. A nice dynamic pose. I think your army will look very nice and unified on the table.

Good luck.