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10-06-2011, 22:49
455: Vampire Lord (red fury, master of the black arts, flayed hauberk, blood drinker, black periapt, cursed book)
235: Wight King (great weapon, BSB, drakkenhoff banner)

248: 30 Ghouls (champ)
256: 31 Ghouls (champ)

403: 26 Grave Guard (FC, hatred banner) [charachters go here]

200: 4 Wraiths
200: Black Coach

11-06-2011, 01:43
I'd consider taking the banner of the barrows instead of the hatred banner on the graveguard.

Also not a fan of wraiths, extremely situational. Consider taking another unit of ghouls or more grave guard in their place or even a second black coach

12-06-2011, 18:57
couldnt resist the vamp lord with the blood drinker/red fury combo. means that hes using less of his power dice to do invokations, allowing him to do other magic as well