View Full Version : First 8th edition attempt with Orcs & Gobs (1500)

11-06-2011, 10:00
I've been playing Dwarves since 8th edition came out, so getting the old Orc army out is basically an excuse to play something different. The idea is a bowline with magic to make the enemy come to me, and chariots to bundle in and swing combats once the boys are engaged. Think it could work? Do I need more shooting, or more offensive stuff?

Orc Great Shaman, Level 4 upgrade, dispel scroll = 225
Orc Big Boss, BSB, Banner of Eternal Flame = 90
30 Orc Bowmen, Std, Mus = 230
30 Orc Bowmen, Std, Mus = 230
30 Orc Bowmen, Std, Mus = 230
3 Orc Boar Chariots = 255
3 Spear Chukkas = 105
3 Snotling pump wagons = 135
=1500 pts

11-06-2011, 10:08
It's a very strange idea for O&G :)

11-06-2011, 10:20
I tend to go for non-standard lists :) As Dwarves I've been playing ninjas, with Bugman, 2 units of scouts and lots of miners. No shooting at all :D

What about the quality of the shooting? Would Doom Divers work better than the chukkas? I could drop the chukkas and a pump wagon, and fit 2 doom divers in to help deal with heavy cavalry, but then it removes a counterattack unit.

11-06-2011, 13:50
Agreed its a very interesting list, never seen anything like it so not sure if it would even work.

A doomdiver would be usefull. The toughest thing for you to deal with is anything with toughness 4 and some armour. Things like warriors, black orcs, dawrves will be very difficult to take down with your bows. Doowmdiver would be usefull there. That being said I could see this list doing well against soft T3 elves and the like.

Animosity may screw up your battleplan, the banner of discipline would be very useful also but I understand why you would want flaming arrows. The success of this list is gonna be very matchup dependent. I'd like to know how it goes

11-06-2011, 15:31
This concepts been tried out by myself and it does work - surprisingly - but we're Greenskins so why not?!

Only thing I'd say though is unless you already own those arrer boyz, it's actually better to go Savage Orc Arrer Boyz - why? Still arrer boyz BUT when you get into combat...

Your now a savage orc with 2 attacks and a 6++ ward save!

Convert the shaman to a Savage Orc Shaman so he can get the lucky shrunken head...

BUT I would make the Shaman a level 1 or a 2 and take a level 4 Night Goblin instead - just because you can get the nice magic missile to whittle down the enemy from afar!!

I would also personaly replace the 3 pump wagons with 1 wolf chariot and a doom diver - more reliable and more in line with your army - the pump wagons will do little but die early on in the game. - they are better at supporting advancing infantry

I would also entertain replacing one of the orc units for a goblin unit with bows - either common gobbos OR night gobbos.

Night Gobbos give you access to fanatics - which are always handy for army lists like yours...


Common Gobbos - because then I would include a common gobbo BSB with the spider banner to make them poisoned! Sure flaming banner is good but it's situational - you need to face a target with regen to make it worthwhile.

Poison works each and every time, ignores enemy toughness (so great way to take out high T units), and if you then include the Night Goblin shaman you'll be able to (hopefully) put the spider spell on them to make the poison take effect on a 5+ instead OR give another unit poson so you now have TWO archer units with poison!

As you can see my preference is for the common gobbos!

39, full command, bows, shields, 3 nasty skulkers sets you back a mere 216!!
29 Savage Orc Big Uns, full command, bows - 354pts
30 Savage Orcs, full command, bows - 305pts

875 on core

Wolf Chariot
Wolf Chariot
Boar Chariot

305 on special

Night Goblin Great Shaman
Common Gobbo BSB, spider banner

1500 points on the dot! And you have a nice combat unit in there too!

Only problem is that the Savage Orc shaman with shrunken head is 120pts - so that means dropping a thing or two to fit him in - but either way you get the idea!

And the Savage Orc Arrer Boyz are mean! Str 5 1st round of combat and they can shoot!

12-06-2011, 15:59
Woah, thanks a lot for the thoughts Jind.

First, I'm afraid I don't have any savage orcs with bows. (And only a few regular ones - the old metal models. Not enough for a horde, anyway). Yes, I do have the arrer boys at the moment, though not all painted.

Good point about the pump wagons. I can see how they'd end up ahead of the bowmen, and just get picked off. I'll swap for more chariots and a diver.

The reason for going for the arrer boys over night goblins, is that they hold up a bit better in combat. Although I can see how having a tarpit wouldn't do any harm, and the fanatics would help against cavalry etc.

I'll have a play around with what you've said :)