View Full Version : My HUGE Battletech log! Life is cheap, but 'Mechs aren't!

11-06-2011, 11:33
So, having found an acceptable (if not great) camera, I'm gonna be posting pictures of my Battletech units in this thread until I, well, run out of units to post.

Anything I do in the future (like the Ghost Bear Cluster I've got planned for when the Clan boxed set comes out) will also be posted here, I think - I mean, why clutter up the forum with multiple threads when one can edit the title of a thread to reflect any changes within said thread?

Anyway, here's my 5th Crucis Lancers, or 19 'Mechs of them at least. (I'd forgotten that one of my Hunchbacks was actually slated to be in this unit, but mixing up the proper color isn't worth it for just a single 'Mech, so... that one stays unpainted til I get my next boxed set).

The command lance - all jump capable, with a TDR-5SE and a Victor. The dark ink on green wash is great; but sadly the camera STILL washes out the detail on the white. I'll probably be revising the shoulder pack of the TDR when I add more 'Mechs to the Crucis Lancers; but until then... it'll have to stay a mess.
The Victor here is by far my favorite of the Crucis Lancers lot. Even though it's a very static pose, something about it is just right.

The Fire Support lance, with a converted Jagermech and some smoke added to the Archer's launchers via steel wool. The bit of hair on the Cyclops' arm came from a kitten I've got romping around the house right now.
Some extra sprue, a pair of barrels clipped from a can of air cleaner's straw, and a bit of greenstuff = the usable variant of the Jagermech. Plus, I lost one of his arms when the cat knocked down my Btech display and mission killed 18 'Mechs, so I kinda had to do this...

The Attack Lance - nothing much of mention here, aside from the camera once again washing out all the white on the Orion. The Enforcer and Awesome are IBT minis; I love the plastic in those because it's so easy to cut and convert. Not like....

11-06-2011, 11:35
That 'Mech in the middle (that I use as a Watchman with no CASE in 3025-games) is only a slight conversion from the ancient PlasTech Panther with a Space marine head, and man... I had to bust out the jeweler's saw for it.
Closer detail on the conversion - I also nipped off his hands and replaced them with more detailed Space Marine ones. Now I just have to figure out what to convert the plastic (ugly) Valks that came in the PlasTech box into...

Lastly is the Recon lance. Of minor note are the Valkyries made from old 3rd Edition plastic Wasps - I only wanted one bug 'Mech (Stinger/Wasp) in each unit, so I used the three extra plastic Wasps for Valks and turned the extra Stinger into... well, you'll see.

Finally, a group shot to show how the unit looks as a whole. Nice and stand-outish, even against the primarily green background.

I chose the 5th Crucis Lancers scheme because I knew that I wanted Kuritan/Davion units for my non-pirate and non-merc units, that my Kuritan unit would be Sword of Light, so a green scheme would be perfect for contrasting against the SoL's red. (And any 3025 grognard who wants to say that fluff says the 5th Crucis didn't have a 'mech regiment in the SW-era... go call an Elemental freebirth).

By the way, if you want to know why I'm constantly bitching about my camera situation, here's a pic I took of the exact same unit over a year ago with my old camera, that required no touching up at all or extra work at all but a bit of resizing:

By contrast, I had to get deep into the 'new' camera's settings, then fiddle with it in photoshop to get even close to the right lighting, and even THEN it didn't read whites right. *sigh* Seriously, I'm still mad at my ex-roommate for getting grit into my old camera's focusing devices and trying to fix it himself.

Anyway, next up, 5 lances of the Sword of Light!