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11-06-2011, 19:42
I'm thinking of restarting Ogre Kingdoms and a thought crossed my mind. Would a unit of 18 Ironguts (Yes I know the limit is 16 so at least two memebers of the unit would be charecters) with the Runemaw standard work. My thoughts where keeping a unit of Gnoblers or a cheap unit of bulls nearby so that when the inevitable magical votex is cast upon them I could bounce it to that unit. Any chance of this working (the local metagame is very much horde deathstar orintated backed up by expensive things so I'm not that concerned about cheap throwaway units)?

11-06-2011, 19:49
There's a lad at my local who uses this unit and it has yet to die.... I've seen many armies die just because they couldn't kill that one unit before it hit them in combat... It's just another deathstar unit

11-06-2011, 19:51
The Rune Maw wouldn't block the spell, it only blocks spells that target the unit, not just effect it. Vortexes don't target. It would stop dwellers/transmutation though.

11-06-2011, 19:56
Absolutely; in fact the gut-bus is a common tactic for ogres in 8th. It works extremely well and I've personally used it to soak up a triple charge from a horde of plague monks, with furnace, a large unit of halberd storm vermin and a hellpit. They are absolute monsters in combat and grow even more terrifying loaded with juicy buffs (which stack now)

They do have significant weaknesses though. The Runemaw for example can protect them with ease from any spell that specifies a target. It wont protect you from the likes of purple sun however as it never targets them merely places a template; keep that fact firmly in mind. Also heavy and/or smart use of dispels can render your buffs moot, buffs which often times saves their skin. Finally ensure they have a BSB with them or nearby as their leadership is tenuous at the best of times.

That all said they are still a boss unit and as with the example above I've had my gut and bull hoards tear through things I would usually fear. They have performed well against chaos mortals, vampires and daemons; standing firm against any combat centric army around. Try things like nullstones x 3, flaming banner and sword of anti-heroes for best results. (sword of anti-heroes granted me 5 addition sweet sweet attacks once)

13-06-2011, 23:17
Yes it would work. In my experience, bigger is better with bulls and ironguts. Uber spells are a problem, but not the end of the world. The problem is, when you have 1-2 hordes of Ogres, their is little room for much else. Move forward, smash things - not very tactically stimulating!

14-06-2011, 17:59
It works, it is a bit "Push-Button" though. Basically it plays the exact opposite of a Gunline. Instead of, "Can I kill enough before they can get into combat?" it becomes, "Can I get into combat before they can kill enough?"

I personally prefer Multiple Medium Units with 3 units of 7-8 ogres before I put in any characters. Now any one of them can become an effective mini-deathstar with the addition of a couple characters so I could take a Purple Sun, hope my higher Init Characters survive, and move them to a non-devastated unit and keep rolling.

If you are going with the GutStar then your best bet is to have other troops that can channel flankers and harassment away from it, take out Warmachines, and funnel the important units into the grinder. Many different ways to do this.