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12-06-2011, 05:07
Hey guys, after reading a good bit, I've been working on a list to go to a tourney in august and this is what I have so far.. see what you think.. i still have yet to play a game in 8th, and i'm just trying to get this together so i can maybe paint when i can.

Runelord - anvil, stone, spellbreaking 245
thane - 4+ward, stone, great weapon 119
thane - BSB 1+ reroll save, immune to kb/poison, flaming weapon 160

40 warriors - great weapons and full command 425

30 hammerers - full command, rune of grungni 440
25 miners - full command, steam drill 235
grudge thrower - 2x rune penetration, accuracy 155
grudge thrower - rune penetration, accuracy 130
cannon - either the rune of forging or fortune 125/115

as of there it's 2034 points. I had a friend seem to think that two small units of quarrellers with great weapons might be pretty useful. to me, yeah, it seems like there still just isn't enough shooting.. maybe another cannon? but what about my units? is three enough? i definitely need more core though so its either light shooty guys or more warrior types.. i've seen a lot of people throwing in long beards, but the BSB and hammerers are kinda taking their roll already?

12-06-2011, 09:18
For a start, the Runelord as written down above is 326pts, not 245.

I'm not convinced Anvils are the way to go, they're a lot of points that can die very very easily and won't always do a great deal- and, the armies that they'll often do alright against (such as MSU Dark Elf or Lizard armies) will usually have an auto-kill spell.

If you do take him, don't take any extra kit beyond anti-magic stuff.

The cannon should be flaming and forging.

A unit of Thunderers, or maybe 2 units of 10, would be handy.

At least one organ gun is also a must.

12-06-2011, 16:34
Outside of the anvil, what would you recommend. I've seen people who say nix the lord option and just stick with thanes, then also the staple of the shield bearer lord in the unit of hammerers, thus completing the anvil unit.
the real reason i had the anvil in there in the first place was in aid of the miners.. but i see your point and actually have been down that road before in games... consecutive 1's on the first turn really sucks hard.

12-06-2011, 19:17
Dwarf Lords are a pretty daunting prospect to play against in my experience.