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12-06-2011, 08:32
New Codex Re-Boot

26-06-2011, 08:35
Nice bit of fluff. I am a huge necron fan so I am abit biased but overall I thought it was a good read and I especially liked your take on pariahs. I would like to read more!

29-12-2011, 20:14
Here is a re-boot of the story since the new Necron codex has come out. Not much change in the begining, mostly towards the very end.

Blip… . . . Blip…
Information… Data...
Dizzy, disoriented, nauseous. Nauseous? What is that feeling? How long has it been? Thousands… no millions of cycles. It’s still dark. Is it?
*movement detected*…
Drones, maintenance drones.
<… [identify self]… class: Planet Lord487.0…
*identify confirmed*…
<…Restore power… restore security forces… review security data log…
*Outer perimeter breach*…
<…Activate class: warrior x20…[standby]
<…Assess threat…
*1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 hostiles intruders*…
Hostile? They don’t look like much. They look rather clumsy. Hmmm.
<…Search local database for current threat identification.
* Search local database for current threat identification… No similar entries found*…
<…Search network database for current threat identification…
<…Activate class: attack probe x36… [probe] proactive threat assessment… engage…
* Searching network database for current threat identification*…
* Searching network database for current threat identification*…
* Searching network database for current threat identification*…
*attack probe x36 ready to engage*…
< …[probe] execute…
Tactical formations change when reacting to a threat, using primitive projectile weapons… hmmm, weapons seem surprisingly effective. Interesting. Bulky armor is surprisingly agile as well. So who are these intruders. What do they want?
*attack probe x36 non-functional…
*search network database for current threat identification… “HUMAN- TIER 1 WARRIOR DESIGNATION: ULTRAMARINE”…
Hmm. They have some knowledge of the Necrontyr. They even have names for us. The “Silent King”!? I guess they know less than they think. So it would appear this is the same race that ended “Nightbringer’s” stasis. This race meddles where it shouldn’t. Oh well. It’s their own doom.
*+1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 hostiles intruders*…
More!? Why are they here? This may be fun!
<…[warrior]… intercept and capture 1 hostile. Kill remaining hostiles…
Nauseous again… why? My hands are shaking! I remember… it’s been so long. I’m excited! They gave us names. How amusing.
*warrior x4 nonfunctional… initiating battlefield repair sequence… ultramarine x4 nonfunctional*
So their weapons are moderately effective against Warriors as well
<…[warrior] target priority HEAVY WEAPONS…
*warrior x3 repairs complete… warrior x1 to base level 2 repair sequence…warrior x3 nonfunctional… initiating battlefield repair sequence… ultramarine x5 nonfunctional*
<…Activate class: Wraith487.3.778 x3…[capture hostile]
*warriors x3 repairs complete… warriors x2 nonfunctional… initiating battlefield repair sequence… ultramarine x5 nonfunctional*
*ultramarine x2 nonfunctional*…
*Wraith487.3.778 x3 returning to laboratory with incapacitated ultramarine… warrior x2 to base level 2 repair sequence… warrior x17 returning to troop housing*…
It is time to see what these ultramarines want with this world.
*Wraith487.3.778 x3 order complete… warrior x 17 order complete*…
< …Wraith487.3 x3 [prepare ultramarine for interrogation]… warrior x17 [standby]…
I’m excited!

Planet Lord487.0 removed himself from his stasis pod. Pod? More like a decorative box leaned up against the wall in a large empty chamber. The room was still dark. There were no lights, they didn’t need them. All Necrontyr could see as well in total darkness as they could in daylight. The cold dark grey wall and floors resonated with the low frequency hum giving the lord physical confirmation that the power of his vast fortress was indeed running. It had been millions of years since he last emerged from stasis and nothing had changed inside his kingdom. Everything was the same except now he had intruder of a relatively advanced stage evolution. The lord was curious to find just how advanced these beings really were.
As he moved from the stasis pod, stopped to contemplate something.
Should I walk or use the transport network?
The transport network allowed him to move one place to another anywhere on the planet in a fraction of a second but walking gave him a chance to personally inspect the structure of the fortress in between his chambers and the lab that held his new captive.
I’ll use the transport network and run diagnostic log, I want to learn who my new guest is.
<… run diagnostic [fortress]…
*structure damage sector 334.98766… time: 12,009,754.234… seismic… repaired*
*structure damage sector 345.98455… time: 16,869,754.263… seismic… repaired*
*structure damage sector 974.39677… time: 17,049,147.131… extra-planetary impact… offline… sector unserviceable… damage bypassed*
*structure damage sector 623.12765… time: 19,999,364.359… seismic… repaired*
*structure damage sector 789.03462… time: 32,089,788.055… seismic… repaired*
*structure damage sector 443.00543… time: 33,009,794.354… seismic… offline… sector unserviceable… damage bypassed*
*structure damage sector 001.54567… time: 34,014,714.234… seismic… repaired*
*structure damage sector 568.39447… time: 34,029,127.137… extra-planetary impact… offline… sector unserviceable… damage bypassed*
*structure damage sector 216.95488… time: 35,028,974.324… seismic… repaired*

All the usual reports.
*additional unit add to potential combat asset inventory… class: uncategorized- HUMAN / Necrontyr Technology Hybrid… additional resource needed [functional HUMAN host body] to start construction…*
<…Download data [class: uncategorized- HUMAN / Necrontyr Technology Hybrid]…
Interesting, very interesting. Perhaps my new guest can accommodate me for this purpose. I will ask him.
The laboratory was dark and cold like the rest of the fortress. In the middle of the room was a large examination table holding the human immobile. The walls were bare except three stasis pods that were now empty. The man was silent and alone in the room. Or so he thought.
With a flash and a crackle the lord appeared in the laboratory standing before naked creature that Planet Lord487.0 had never seen before but was very similar in form to his own. Even though the human was shackled to the examination table the lord could see he stood nearly the same height as the lord. His body very muscular and hard to the touch. A sturdy race he seemed.
<… Download data [HUMAN language / dialect]…
“You will pay for what you’ve done to my brothers, monster!” The human said with great conviction. He was strangely calm and seemingly unafraid. This made the lord even more curious.
*matching dialect… [HUMAN / ULTRAMAR]*
“Why are you here human? You and those you were with did not stumble your way here.” The lord circled the table as he continued to look over the human still astonished at how physically similar they were. Skeletal structure, appendages, facial features, eyes, all basically the same. And much like Eldar he fought so many millions of cycles ago.
“We are here in the name of The Holy Emperor to rid this system of you xenos scum.”
“Please go on! I want to hear more about this emperor. What claim does he have to this system? Is he a Star God?” The lord new the answer but wanted to hear the humans response.
“The Emperor of Man is the rightful ruler of the galaxy and it is our destiny fulfill his vision for mankind”
The lord laughed mockingly. “Again I ask what right does this [Emperor] have to lay claim over this planet, over me? Is he a god?”
“He is a man. A perfect man, a perfect warrior, and the perfect leader.” Claimed the human reverently. “He is the savior of mankind. But he not a god.”
“So tell me more about your destiny to rid the galaxy of this [Xenos Scum]. Who is this Xenos Scum?
“You are the xenos, you are the scum. For man to achieve his destiny the galaxy must be rid of you and all like you. There is no room for the alien in the galaxy or the universe for all I care. You will all bur before the Emperor’s holy light before the end.”
“Alien? You think me the alien?” The lord was irritated by human’s remark. “Poor child you have been misled. It is you who are the alien. My kind had ruled this galaxy millions of years before your pathetic kind even existed. Before you evolved from the first mammals on your tiny planet we held the stars in our hands. I am the alien? No no my boy, you are the unwelcome thing here.” Tiring of this man’s pompousness, the lord started to walk back to the transport network.
“Lies, lies. Your words hold no weight with me. Xenos have no honor, especially soulless abominations like you.”
The man’s last comment struck a chord deep within the lord and suddenly he remembered why he hated the fleshy races with all his being. The lord stopped and walked back to the table. He stared at the man motionless for what seemed hours. Suddenly the lord’s eyes lit up with a deep blue flame that made man shiver in dread. The lord leaned in closer to the man. They were eye to eye and for the first time the man could make out the face of his questioner. A large metal humanoid skull glared at him with a menace that made the Space Marine visibly shiver.
The lord’s voice came from an unmoving jaw. “Mankind’s Finest…” Scoffed the lord. “Soulless? I had planned on keeping you alive. Not harming you so we could talk more about you race and its destiny but your words wound me. I do not envy you for you will find the true meaning of [soulless]”.
The fire in the lords eyes disappeared and he turned again to the transport network. With a crackle and spark the room was completely dark again. The lord was gone
< …Wraith487.3 x3 [prepare ultramarine for construction- class: uncategorized- HUMAN / Necrontyr Technology Hybrid]…
The Wraith had three independent bodies but they all move in a synchronized manner. All as one, controlled by a single consciousness. Each performing the individual smaller tasks to complete the whole. All of these were done with incredible speed, accuracy and efficiency. The Space Marines limbs were remove with a sort of surgical precision that Marine apothecaries could never dream of. Skin and flesh peeled away as if it were shed by a snake and bones removed like some piece of machinery. And fully awake, the Space Marine was unaware of any of it. There was no blood loss from the now useless body of the once Space Marine. It was discarded by maintenance drones outside of the fortress and left to be forgotten and decay.
The Space Marine suddenly regained consciousness after weeks of artificially induced coma. To his horror he could not breathe, he could not hear or taste or smell. Panic struck. He tried grasping for his throat but had no arms to flail or hands to feel. There was only pain and cold and total darkness. He struggled for something for what seemed to him hours then conceded to death. But death had come already and passed him over. Death had other plans for this mortal. Death wanted to play. Death was looking for some amusement.
There was a flash of light and Planet Lord487.0 again appeared before the former Space Marine. A sickly green light emanating from nowhere started to illuminate the room. This was the first time the man could see his surroundings since he was captured buy the three wraiths. It took a moment for the man’s eyes to adjust to the light but could soon make out most of the distorted images he could see in the room. It room was quiet and desolate. Completely unremarkable save for the enormous skeletal figure standing in front of him. It move with an unnatural grace and deliberate purpose that he had seen only the oldest and most experienced warriors of his chapter could ever hope to obtain. It wore a dusty cloak that draped from its broad shoulders and had a second spine leering over him as if it was a third eye that saw everything. His skin looked like some sort of alien metal but stretched and twist like flesh with the figures every movement.
A grotesque image appeared in front the man. A large transparent vat filled with a thick clear liquid. Inside the vat was what appeared to be a human brain and spinal cord complete with a set of moving eyes.
“You had some spare parts human! Of course we just remove all that unnecessary flesh and bone. We just need a small portion of you. The part that makes you… you”. The words seemed to come from nowhere and echoed directly into his brain. The sudden terror washed over what was left of the man’s self.
The image he was looking at was a reflection of his own current physical state. He tried to turn away but couldn’t move. He tried to close his eyes but had no eyelids. How could this be possible? How could he still be alive? How could his Immortal Emperor abandon him to these fiends, left to be dissected and tortured like this? The man felt true emptiness. Alone with only these monsters to strip away his humanity one layer of tissue at a time.
“I oversaw the entire procedure and you know what? We stripped your flesh away layer by layer and I never did find your soul! And you dare to call me soulless! You see child, you have something built into you that you try so hard to cover up and hide, but in the end all of your fabricated religions and false gods, and pathetic technology will never change that there is no soul inside you. And I plan to show you and your feeble race just how easy we can prove it. Mankind’s Destiny. You are destined to be slaves and nourishment for the true gods. But not you. No not you. You will become my servant. You will be my harbinger. Your mere presence will be but a sample of the fear I will cast on your entire species. I called death my lord before your kind ever came to be and you feared my lord before you were born. No you will fear him no more. You will be his hand. You will cultivate the fear of him before the [Great Harvest]. They will fear you and in so feed him. You unleashed him back on this galaxy and for that I thank you for you will now reap what you soe.”
The lord’s words were dizzying. The former marine couldn’t tell who the lord was talking about, himself or some other entity. His mind began to spiral and the room grew dark again and then there was nothing. No sound or light, cold or pain, only awareness that he was again utterly alone.
Mankind’s finest, the Nightbringer will measure that claim…

*movement detected… sector 001.00033*
*non indigenous energy signatures detected… sector 001.00032*
*potential hostiles approaching… sector 001.00032*
*database cross-reference… threat identification… “HUMAN- TIER 1 WARRIOR FORCE DESIGNATION: ULTRAMARINE”… combat formation- skirmish… force organization: light troop transport x4, heavy transport x2, assault transport x2, walker x2… sector 001.00031*
Finally! Oh and they do seem to be in a hurry for battle… I will not disappoint them!

29-12-2011, 20:16
<… deploy primary defense formation [1.A003] sector 001.00031.5: monolithx3[warrior +3x20] Battle Lord487.001.00001/ immortal x10, destroyer x15, heavy destroyer x5, Destroyer Lord487.001.00001… [engage immediately]… Wraith487.0.001, 0.002, 0.003, flayed one x20 [standby for deployment]…
With a crackle and flash, the two monoliths appeared just behind and the last in front of the Ultramarine assault, each firing their primary weapons simultaneously. The lead Land Raider taking a direct hit, it came to a grinding halt. The two transports in the rear wear instantly vaporized leaving no survivors. The rest of the formation stopped to react to this preemptive strike.
Black smoke started to pour from the gaping hole on the top of the massive assault vehicle followed by a huge jet of orange and red flame. The ancient Land Raider’s ammunition and fuel ignited and started to burn. The rear and side hatches started to open as the crew attempted to escape. With a deafening blast of fire and smoke the heavy transport exploded showering the rest of the now scrambling formation with molten debris. Incredibly, two marines managed to pull themselves out of rubble of their former ride. They were both on fire but their heavy armor was keeping them completely safe from the flames. One with a large glowing sword in his right hand, seemed to be directing the rest of the force to focus their fire on the single monolith blocking their advance.
Medium and heavy Space Marine infantry units dismounted from the remaining transports to both join the new battle and to keep from joining their dead brothers’ fate. Now greatly outnumbered, the Space Marines all new victory was not going to be automatic as they thought before the battle began. Warriors and Destroyers started to pour out of the three monoliths joining the massive firefight underway. Both Destroyers and Heavy destroyers concentrated their fire one two dreadnoughts slowly catching up with the rest of their assault force while the warriors advanced on the now dismounted and exposed infantry.
The Ultramarines were indeed brave and well trained in the art of warfare. Equal amounts of bolter and gauss fire were exchanged. Both sides took several casualties but the Necrontyr cannot ever really die. As the marines felled several warriors, the Battle Lord that stood in the rear of the Necron formation raised his hand. The Ultramarines watched in stunned disbelief as the enemy they just had just killed rose up and rejoined the battle.
An enormous explosion followed by two smaller ones rocked the battlefield. Smoke billowed from the front monolith as it slowly started sinking to the ground at the same time one of the dreadnoughts exploded from the overwhelming volume of fire put out by the destroyers. The other one had stopped its movement as its legs were now useless but was still able to fire its assault cannon with deadly accuracy. In one burst 3 heavy destroyers were whittled down to scrap by the damaged but still fighting walker.
Seeing his heavy firepower being destroyed by the wounded machine the lord decided to take action now on his own. He and his bodyguard of immortals disappeared and reappeared in front of the remaining dreadnought and before it could react, the lord swung his large weapon effortlessly in a wide arc through the walkers torso. The dreadnoughts gun fell silent as the big machines upper half separated from its lower half and fell to the ground, spilling its organic contents for all to see.
Seeing their ancient battle brother fall in such a grotesque manner infuriated the marines as five of them wearing heavy armor charged the combat lord and his immortal escort. Terminators, the elite of the elite, outfitted in the heaviest and oldest powered armor in the Imperium. The immortals opened fire on them as they charged and killed one but their advance was quicker than expected for such heavy armor. There was a great clash of spark and metal. When it was over, all that was left standing was a single terminator. He turned back to his brothers and raised his arms in victory to re-energize his comrade in arms and didn’t notice the lord he just defeated along with several immortals stand back up. Horrified the last terminator was suddenly surrounded and staring at a large blade protruding through his chest passing completely through his near invincible armor. Then, he too, was dead.
Another explosion and another, the last Land Raider was no more and both Predators were out of the fight. The Monoliths along with the rest of the Necrontyr had taken their deadly toll on the Ultramarine assault force. Their defeat was inevitable.
Then out of nowhere, a blinding flash of electricity bolted from his empty hand striking four warriors. The bolt had taken down 3 warriors and caught Planet Lord487.0’s eye. Watching afar from his command post this gave him a new idea.
<… class: [uncategorized- HUMAN / Necrontyr Technology Hybrid]…NEW DESIGNATION: PARIAH… [report to my location… prepare for combat]…*
Let us see how your "brothers” welcome you back…
<… Wraith487.0.001, 0.002, 0.003, flayed one x20 [transport to location as follows: 001.00031.5…engage and retrieve any living specimens]…
A quick spark lit up Planet Lord487.0’s chamber and there stood a tall muscular, humanoid figure holding long glowing halberd. He was not made from the same “Living Metal as the Necrontyr before him, but this new material was just as durable if not more so. Broad shoulders like the Necrontyr, but a mechanical, robotic face and the body of a human. A familiar human. The transformation complete, this new soldier was ready for his new lord’s work. With specialized genetic additions and augmentations to ward off the warp this new soldier was designed to strike fear in mortal and the undying alike and to defeat them in battle with ease. Those who had been gifted with psychic powers were helpless in proximity to the Pariah. He was not the first of his kind but he was the first one this lord would employ and the anticipation of seeing his new weapon’s effects first hand made Planet Lord487.0 gitty like a child receiving a new toy on Christmas Morning.
“Excellent. You will make a fine addition indeed. You must be lonely though. Fear not, we will find more to join you soon enough.”
<… designate existing PARIAH [Pariah487.000.01]…
“Thank you my lord. I await your command.” Pariah487.000.1 replied. The Necron Lord was still somewhat apprehensive about the reprograming process. This man was extremely devout in his former life. How reliable will he be in his new state of existence?
“We need to rid this planet of your brothers one way or another. I plan to use your abilities to make that task a little more interesting and possibly bolster your ranks.” The Lord was near finished with his inspection of his new model warrior when the former marine replied.
“My lord, you have shown me the truth. The power of the true gods in this universe. The inevitable impurity of the flesh and rightful heirs of the galaxy.” The former marine retained all of his memories and emotions of his former life and virtual death, but also had been reeducated in the true history of the galaxy, the Necrontyr, the Ctan, the Old Ones and how truly insignificant the Human Race really was. On a galactic scale, the entire existence of humans was only but a dim flash in the rise and fall the first races. Finally he knew the truth and that meant he would be the new messenger of the Star Gods. And he was now all too happy to convert all others or feed them to his new masters. “They are NOT my brothers, they are my enemy. I serve only you my lord.”
“Good you can start with man that uses the power of The Warp.”
“Brother Martain…” the pariah said unphased.
“I want to see him cower before you and then you will bring me his head.” He commanded. “The wraiths and flayed ones should be engaging our enemy as we speak. Do as I command and I shall grant you even more power and knowledge of the Star Gods.”
“As you command.” The pariah knelt and with a flash he was gone. The lord opened a hidden compartment from his stasis pod and pulled from it a staff that was clearly meant to be not only a symbol of his status but a powerful weapon as well. He held it up to the sky and then brought it down in a striking motion. “It has been so long” he said to himself out loud. Then he twirled and swung the staff masterfully as if practicing an ancient kata but as he did a hole in the air formed and through this hole he could see the pariah entering the battle field. The lord stepped into the hole and it snapped shut.
Pariah487.000.01 scanned the field for his target and he did not have to look far. The loud crack of thunder gave away the Space Marines Librarian’s position away immediately and the new soldier started running for him straight away. The Planet lord was silently behind him but the pariah didn’t know. How could he? Planet Lord487.0 was out of phase with the rest of the universe. In between this dimension and some other one. Able to move about freely but not interact with anything until he realigned himself with the rest of the universe which he could do at will.
It was merely seconds before they came into striking distance of the Ultramarine leader. He was standing on top of the smoldering wreckage of his Land Raider surround by a dozen of his remaining men. Issuing directions and motivating gestures to his brothers, he would make this a battle for the archives. Making their glorious final stand against the Necron scourge. Nearly depleted of ammunition and mostly fighting hand-to-hand, the last marines were at peace with their demise and were intent on taking as many xenos to the grave with them as The Emperor would allow.
The last injection of the Necron wraiths and flayed ones littered the battlefield with disembodied limbs and other gore. When they first arrived on the field, the flayed ones were clean as shiny as the day they gave themselves to the C’tan, but now they covered themselves in the bloody skin and remains of their fallen enemies. This enemy was nothing like the Ultramarines had ever faced. They showed little to no emotion but what they did show was a level of insanity and utter hatred for the marines that men could actually feel it. This made them feel something they were unaccustomed to. Dread on the battlefield. Not fear but dread. Knowing that what brothers they would lose would never have their seeds recovered and would not be given the honor and dignity that they deserved.
But as Pariah487.000.01approched, that feeling of dread turned to something new altogether. A feeling of disgust, sickness and fear. The feeling they had to flee. Not because they might be killed but because their souls were being strangled, smothered, extinguished. And they had no idea why.
No one was affected more by Pariah487.000.01’s presence than the Ultramarine’s librarian- Brother Martain. His head was filled with a pain that brought him to his knees. Tears filled his eyes and he had to remove his headgear before he filled it with vomit. He threw it to the ground and uncontrollably puked on the leg of one of his dead marines, he fought to stand up. He raised his head saw the figure in front of him. Through the tears in his eyes he could make out a metallic face that he thought he recognized.
“Bother Gregor?” It took all of his strength and will to stand. He still held his sword but was in no condition to use it yet. All was silent. He peered around, dazed and confused, struggling to maintain his composure, not believing what he was seeing. All his men were either dead now or incapacitated. The wraiths were already hauling off the unconscious marines to prepare them for conversion.
“Brother Gregor is this what they…”
“Martain, has Captain Nierdhan of 13th Ultramarine Company request reinforcements yet?” The Pariah interrupted.
“Gregor what is the meaning of this? You can’t have turned your back on us. On the…”
Just then Planet Lord487.0 materialized out of thin air next to “Brother Gregor” with his staff weapon in hand. The head of the lord’s staff was a bladed representation of the symbol on Pariah487.000.01’s chest. The librarian saw the connection and anger filled his body replacing the sickness and pain.
Clenching his sword, “Traitor!”, Martain screamed as he tried to swing it at one of the two. Pariah487.000.01 caught and held the librarian’s sword arm and with an upward swing cleaved him from crotch to neck cutting him in two. Split up the middle the two halves of the man, heavy armor and all, fell in opposite directions to the ground spilling his guts at the lord’s feet. The Pariah caught Martain’s sword as it fell to the ground. He turned to his lord and knelt.
“I know my orders were to bring back the librarian’s head my lord, but this is much more valuable.” Planet Lord487.0 took the sword and contemplated it.
“Rise Gregor…” condescended the lord. “I am pleased. Go back to your chambers and prepare to tell me more about you former brothers. I want to learn more about them.”
“I heard his mind Sir, his answer was yes, and they will be here soon.”
“Good. I ought not wait for more entertainment don’t you think?” Planet Lord487.0 scoffed. He scanned the battlefield on last time. Except for the wrecked space marine vehicles, everything was gone. All the Necrontyr had returned to their fortress. No Ultramarine bodies or equipment were left behind. Millions of scavenger drones flooded the battlefield and began to devour the burning hulks and soon they were gone as well.
Planet Lord487.0 gestured in a way that only could be described as and faceless smile and then he too was gone. The field was clean.
I ought not wait…

*incoming transmission… System Lord04.0 requires immediate conference…*
*configuring transport network for long range travel…*
*standing by…*
Seconds later the Planet Lord was on another world surrounded by more metal Necron warriors than he could count. All standing motionless, filling a huge complex much like a factory storage facility. A single path down the middle divided the warriors into two mass formations, either group facing the middle. The cavernous room was dimly lit and there was no sound but for the footsteps of the approaching System Lord and his ever vigilant honor guard. Not that he needed to be guarded.
I’Sept- System Lord04.0 was the oldest and most experienced warrior in the galaxy. Phaeron of the U’shang Dynasty, he commanded countless Necrontyr and was respected and honored by all who had seen him in combat. Millions of years old he had fought in and won more battles than any warrior of all races combined. His tactical prowess was unmatched as was his skill with his Phase Blade. A gift from the C’tan themselves after the War in Heaven. “Grimstrike” he called it. A greatsword nearly as long as he was tall and as wide as an average man from shoulder to shoulder. He carried it on his back and never left it out of arms reach. Amongst both the Necrontyr and the Old Ones, there were stories of him single handedly wiping out the entire populations of several Krork and Eldar planets. No mortal or machine could face him and live.
This was the first time Planet Lord487.0 had ever met I’Sept face to face. There were many direct subspace commands received and reports given to him but never had they communicated in person. Planet Lord487.0 knew that this must be important. When he first saw the I’Sept in person, he was immediately awestruck by his visage. The I’Sept stood completely upright and all of twelve feet tall. His body and limbs were thicker than any Necron Lord the Planet Lord had seen before projecting a sense of strength and durability that was almost godlike. His armored carapace was glossy black with hints of red around the edges of the joints. He wore a long blood red cape of some unknown fabric that seemed to be moving and flowing. Its purpose seemed to hide and conceal his true shape and movements in combat but did not conceal much here. He wore a platinum colored crown of four single spikes that swept back from his forehead to the rear of his metallic skull. His chin had a long, narrow, braided beard made some sort fine, silver wire the ended at his waist. For all the dark and fearful imagery the entire Necron race was modeled after, I’sept was different. He was truly majestic. But to his enemies, the sight of always inspired the same thing. Defeat.
“I have called all the planet lords of this system to this conference. I understand you were occupied exterminating a minor irritation when I first summoned you.”
“Yes my lord. It had been much too long since I had experience any outside stimuli, it was more recreation than irritation.” Planet Lord487.0 explained.
“I have viewed your logs young lord, your tomb has done relatively well over the millennia… very little damage to your overall world. You will need to awaken your entire tombword soon. The old dynasties are re-emerging and Imotekh has taken control over the Sautekh.”
“Imotekh? The Stormlord? How did he gain control? What of Szarekh? Is he dead.”
“Szarekh exiled himself after the great sleep. His whereabouts are unknown. The Suatekh was engulfed in civil war when Imotekh was accidentally awoken. He squashed the war and took control of the Sautekh and crowned himself Phaeron. Now he is absorbing other dynasties into his fold and will be heading our way soon. This is why I have summoned you here.
“My Lord, these matters of politics are far beyond my status. I am deeply honored but what can I possibly contribute to these events?”
I’sept stopped and peered over the smaller lord in irritation. “Planet Lord487.0! What is your true name?” I’sept demanded.
“Vezbael… Lord Vezbael of the U’shang Dynasty.” He was suddenly drained of confidence and felt an emotion he had not felt in millions of years… fear.
“That is correct. LORD Vezbael.” I’sept reinforced. You are a lord of this dynasty and are expected to act as one no matter the issue. No task is ever too grand for any lord of the U’shang Dynasty. You will do well to remember that if you wish to maintain your status here.”
Vezbael was suddenly reminded what it meant to be a lord in the U’shang Dynasty. Were others were mere titles given by some form of birthright, lords and nobles here were true leaders. Able to lead and motivate their subject to accomplish anything. Authority in this house was earned. Here, if you did not produce, you were removed, usually violently as to reinforce the message of expectations and traditions held by the U’shang. The many 10000s of years of seclusion and uneventfulness had allowed Vezbael to laps to a state of complacency.
Vezbael stood tall. “Yes my Lord. Forgive me, I forget my place. Always in the front. Thank you for the lesson.”
I’sept stared at Vezbael for a moment, thinking over the situation. I’sept felt a small amount of disgust for the young lord but then remembered. “This matter of stasis has had its effects on us all. Remember this; you will never lead from the rear of your formations. I have monitored you since my own awakening. The preparations you set in place before your worlds stasis is what kept you in such a remarkable state of prepare and your record in battle is impressive as well. I brought you here because I have a task for you.”
“I am at your disposal Sire” Vezbael was somewhat heartened by I’sept’s words.

29-12-2011, 20:17
“Anrakyr is here.” The Phaeron said.
“I am not familiar with Anrakyr my lord.”
“He is the former Lord of Pyrrhia. He seeks to re-unite the dynasties and the Triarch. He has come to ask our allegiance.”
“Interesting, were does Imotekh stand in all of this?” Vezbael wondered.
They both walked through the large entrance to the conference chamber. In the center of the room was a enormous circular table seated with lords and ambassadors from other dynasties. Among them was Dyamarkh, Emissary of the Sautekh and hand of Imotekh.
“We are about to find out…”