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Boss Zagstruk
12-06-2011, 16:21
So ive seen the new SOM minitures, i love both the chaos sorcerer lord and tzeentch sorcerer so i figure thats a good reason to start a woc list. Ive always wanted a WOC list but have been busy playing tzeentch daemons in 40k (time for a change).

So i dont know much about this edition. So if i wanted to start a tzeentch WOC whats the best way to go about it? Whats a must for WOC these days???

I was thinking a lvl 4, lvl 2 and a bsb or exalted hero instead of the lvl 2. Block of marauders, block of warriors, chosen. I dont know about cav or monstorous infantry? id try for a hell cannon and warshrine. My problem is that im not used to paying 500pts for a large unit (ie warriors or chosen). Is it worth it or not, i know chaos are elite but it just doesnt seem right. I know that can be offset by cav, hounds and marauders.

Thanks for any comments on my WOC tzeentch dreams.

12-06-2011, 16:25
That's a lot of heroes. But that's just me.

My typical army is:

Chaos Lord
Two blocks of marauders
One block of warriors
Three units of hounds to act as screening
Two chariots
One unit of knights

That takes me to around the 1800 point mark. I sometimes swap things out but adding another hero would cause me to have to remove a unit, making my model count even lower...

12-06-2011, 22:23
May as well reply here (this was an original post but as my account is new, I have to be approved or something weird).

I've just recently returned to Warhammer after a very long break.
I notice now that lots of older miniatures have been canned, with no way of even ordering them direct from the old catalogues.
I really want a Tzeentch army, but:

Firstly, I am trying to find this one anywhere but with no avail:


I know that one is damaged slightly, but if anyone knows where I could buy one of these I'd be much obliged (seen one on ebay, but quality looks very questionable).

Then there's another one which I thought was actually fairly recent. But it's not even on the GW site, not even under colletors stuff.


Where's that one gone?

Evil Hypnotist
15-06-2011, 07:42
For a Tzeentch army you have the right idea, Lvl 4 with Spell Familiar will get you almost all of the Tzeentch spells, which are usually quite effective. I have never seen the need for a back-up lvl 2 but each to their own.

The most popular Tzeentch warrior builds tend to be with Halberds and Shields, and again Shields on the marauders for a nice 5+ parry save.

Chosen work well in conjunction with Favour of the Gods and The Wailing Banner, plus one or two warshrines to help them get the best Eye of the Gods result. One of my favourite gambits is to take the Blasted Standard instead for a 4+ ward vs shooting.

In terms of monsterous creatures Trolls trump Ogres every time due to their regenerate saves, vomit and the rolls on the Eye of the Gods after regenerating 2 or more wounds per turn. Their only downfall is their awful leadership, keep them near your general, or better yet get the special character Throgg in the unit to keep them in check. Dragon Ogres are good against cavelry I think but are ridiculously expensive when you give them weapon options.

Chaos Knights are rock hard, give them the Banner of Rage and as long as you don't take too much on they will kick ass. Marauder Horsemen are useful to charge flanks and harass war machines but I'm not as much as a fan as warhounds. Warhounds are great for 3 reasons; they are cheap, they let you deploy tactically so you can put them down first and see where your opponent's big core units are before you put your warriors or marauders down, and also for some reason I find people love targeting them with their war machines instead of your much more expensive troops. On top of all that if they manage to make it across the battlefield you can then get them in combat with gun crews or help on the flanks or rear of combats as long as you have at least 5 left in a unit.

Lastly, if you take any rare choice make it a Hellcannon. One or two of these are a must at 2000 points or more, against massed infantry with low Ld like goblins or skaven I would even get one in a 1000+ point game. The str. 10 hit under the hole and str. 5 around it can make a mess of any single wound unit, and the panic test it forces can be very handy if you are lucky.

15-06-2011, 11:42
A level 4 tzeentch mage can do without the spell familiar to take a bit more interesting items (blood/puppet), take the third eye though, if someone is kind enough to bring big template spells or buffs/debuffs against you... borrow them.

Take the BSB though. A BSB with talisman of preservation and favour/ironcurse icon and a halberd can beat stuff up nicely (though truth be told, mine normally hits one out of four attacks, he does not understand statistics)

Units of 20+ tzeentch sword & board warriors are considered quite aggravating to deal with by most players.

vinny t
15-06-2011, 12:09
If you're looking for the best straight up list it would look something like this.

Sorcerer Lord on Disk lvl4 1+ armor 3+ ward
BSB on foot with protective stuff
29 Warriors with full command, shields, and rapturous standard
40 Maurauders with either GWs or HW+S
6 knights with banner and banner of rage
4 units of 5 Warhounds
20 chosen with terror banner, full command, and hw+s
2 hellcannons

Something roughly like that

15-06-2011, 14:47
One of the strenghts of the WoC lists in 8th is that they dont give away any points. The only unit that dies easily in the list above are the dogs. Anything else is going to require an effort to kill and get points from. Killing a large block of chosen supported by a warshrine isnt going to happen in a 6 turn game.

Cannons are the only reliable threat against the warshrine and hellcannons so try to take these out if you can.

I like a lore of death caster with WoC to threaten enemy characters and if you are lucky enough to get the -3LD spell which together with the hellcannons can make a real mess out of anything.

One important point though. Taking double hellcannons and a large block of chosen (3+ ward etc) will not make you any friends.