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Khemrian Deathsphinx
13-06-2011, 01:07
Im just starting an O&G army and i really have no idea what to use, but i want to stay away from gobbos as much as possibly and i want to focus on savage and black orcs. any ideas at all? plz share and ty for help

13-06-2011, 01:57
Black orcs and savages both have their place in the army.

First for savages, I take a unit of 25 to 30 and make them big uns with 2 choppas. These guys pour out 24 ws 4 s5 attacks in the first round of combat. In this unit I put a lvl 4 savage orc shaman with the schrunken head. Giving them a 5+ ward save. Plus you can give them the flaming banner, this unit is the go to unit for assaulting buildings. I also put my black orc bsb in this unit to get rid of animosity

Black orcs are also great, similarly I take a unit of 25 to 30, give them shields and the standard of discipline. If you put your general in this unit it means you have leadership 10 orcs which is half as likely to fail when compared to leadership 9.

I find regular orcs are best to be avoided, they aren't as killy as black orcs or savages and don't have the numbers that goblins can afford you. A unit of 20 with bows could make a good flank protector

Huge hordes of night gobbos with nets make very effective units. With spears and leadership 10 steadfast these guys can hold things up for a long time and grind down many units also, units of between 70 and 100 are very effective and should be considered.