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13-06-2011, 12:28

looking to play a campaign based loosely on the more complex campaign tree of storm of chaos. However looking through the 8th book it doesnt have/I dont know scenario rules for:

Sheer Herosim

Are these 6th edition scenarios?

If so would someone be so kind as to post up the rules for them


13-06-2011, 16:21
They're 6th edition scenarios.

Capture is watchtower without the tower (or even with a tower).

Ambush is a scenario where an ambushing army with tries to destroy an army with 50% more points (ambushers get to split troops between two short edge deployment zones, defenders are in the center of the table pretty squished together).

Rearguard is a scenario where a rearguard with half as many points as an attacker tries to slow down a larger force.

Sheer heroism = an army of heroes vs an army of equal points.