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14-06-2011, 13:01
I been toying with the idea of starting yet another army for a challenge this summer.

I had very little experience with Warrior of Chaos, but i think i had a pretty good idea what i want to play.

Sorcerer Lord lvl4 (395 pts)
Mark of Tzeentch
Conjoined Homunculus
Talisman of Endurance
Skull of Katam
Favour of the God

BSB Exalted Heroe (218 pts)
Mark of Tzeentch
Great Weapon
Bloodcurdling roar
Talisman of Preservation

Exalted Heroe (205 pts)
Mark of Nurgle
Glaive of Putrefaction
Soporific Musk
Blasphemous Amulet

22 Chaos Warrior (442 pts)
Full Command
Mark of Tzeentch
Blasted Standard

6 Ogres (360 pts)
Mark of Nurgle
Chaos Armor
Great Weapon
Standard Bearer + Musician

1 Warshrine (130 pts)

2 pretty strong/resilient unit, a great caster, 2 very tough hero, lots of strenght, especially with this low pts.

Ogre are taken over anything else because i already have the models.

I considered removing a hero for a unit of marauder, but i'm not 100% sold on the idea.

15-06-2011, 22:45
I would say this army can be beaten pretty fast. Drop the init on the Warriors then Purple sun them.

As for Ogres, they are the worst unit in the army (trust me I wish they weren't I love my Chaos Ogre models and used them heavily in Beastmen).

I suggest you either build the army and play lots, or look at some WoC tactica (Chamber of the Everchosen is a good website) and lists to see what people are doing.

16-06-2011, 08:58
I think your falling into the trap all new Woc players fall into. Too many characters. Woc characters need to be built for a purpose IMO. The combat exalted is a bit of wasted points. What will he accomplish?

Ogres really sent that good either. Again, cool models, but for 360pts you could get a unit of warriors w. Halberds, shields, MOK, standard, champion. Who will be so much more Killy.

You mentioned Marauders. There pro. 40 of them w. MOK, great weapons rip though stuff like paper. I think dropping the hero for these would be good.

Cosmetic changes on characters;
* Don't give the bsb a great weapon. Give him a halberd. Then, he's 1 less strength, but still keeps his insane initiative. Which is important as it gives him a chance to cut up any characters who bounce into him.
*The sorcerer I would say is not getting the best items. Infernal puppet is great. Or power familiar. You'll also probably want third eye of tzeentch, And keep the talisman of endurance.