View Full Version : 2150 The Army of The Red Duke

14-06-2011, 16:48
Hi! Here is an army I have dreamt up:

The Army of the Red Duke

Vampire Lord - The Red Duke

Master of the black arts
Talisman of Preservation
Enchanted Shield
Blood Drinker

Necromancer - Hariskan

Dispel Scroll

40X Skeletons

Full Command

29X Ghouls

29X Grave Guard

29X Great Weapons
Banner of the Barrows

Wight King - Narkan

Drakenhof Banner

5X Blood Knights - The Goreshedders

Screaming Banner

Vampire - Fwerosh

Crown of the Damned
Lord of the Dead
Summon Ghouls

Fwerosh goes with the ghouls, who advance with the skeletons to form a solid line. The vampires/necromances add models/zombies, bulking out the units, allowing to (gasp) kill things!!! :eek: The Blood knights/general hide, then run out and completely steamroll things. The wight king goes with the GG.

14-06-2011, 23:23
I don't think you have enough bloodknights. They are less durable than a chaos knight, and you 5 of them. You want to be looking 8 on with a standard bearer w. Banner of strigos in there too. Otherwise, your gonna lose them to quickly and too many on the ride over there. To do this, you might need to get rid of the necrosis and some skellies/ghouls. But it's the only way to keep them alive.