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15-06-2011, 22:17
Hi all,

I've got iteration three of the list that I've been messing around with. Dropped Mino's lower but tried to make more threats across the battlefield.

Tournament is on the 25th and I'm just continuing to refine it.

2500 Pts - Beastmen Roster v3


Great Bray-Shaman, 480 pts (General)
. . Razorgor Chariot
. . Level 4 Upgrade
. . The Brass Cleaver
. . Jagged Dagger
. . Talisman of Preservation
. . Skin of Man

I think at this point I'm convinced that Beasts is the best way to go. Nice buffs (can make him a wrecking ball with savage beast), Spear is good to deal with monsters and big targets, and very few useless spells.


Bray-Shaman, 152 pts
. . Level 2 Upgrade
. . Chalice of Dark Rain

I'm thinking Shadow here will be what I go with.

Wargor (Battle Standard Bearer), 206 pts
. . Shield
. . Heavy Armor
. . The Beast Banner
. . Gnarled Hide

Will go with the big Gor heard. That will create two dangerous units instead of just one.


36 Gor Herd, 313 pts
. . Full Command
. . Extra Hand Weapon

6x6 formation with the BSB.

30 Gor Herd, 265 pts
. . Full Command
. . Extra Hand Weapon

Still a solid block of infantry.

Tuskgor Chariot, 80 pts

Provide hitting power where needed.

9 Ungor Raiders, 54 pts

Bunker for level 2.


40 Bestigor Herd, 525 pts
. . Full Command
. . Standard of Discipline

Now that they no longer have the BSB, swapped the Flaming Banner to the Banner of Discipline for the extra leadership.

5 Harpies, 70 pts
. . Scouts

War Machine hunters

Razorgor, 55 pts

Razorgor, 55 pts

Provide hitting power where needed or war machine hunters

4 Minotaurs, 246 pts
. . Musician
. . Extra Hand Weapon

It seems like the more I change the list, the more mino's I drop :P. Anyway, now they are just a unit to use in combination with something else to hit hard, and they are now small enough that if the enemy throws a lot of firepower at them to eliminate them, it isn't too large of a loss. Also fit a musician in there for the reform.

So the plan is for the level 4 to wreck havoc behind enemy lines. He is quite a combat beast, particularly if I get some spells off, though he can't take any steadfast units by himself (though he could pin them in place if they don't have a high enough strength to wound him).

Level 2 has Shadow for Miasma and hopefully either -T or -S. Pops the chalice on first enemy firing phase and otherwise avoids combat.

I now have two threatening units that are large enough to soak some damage. Bestigors (which, by the way, will all be Pestigors :)) in a 10x4 Horde formation, and the Gors with BSB in a 6x6 formation. And then I still have the still decent sized Gor unit in a 6x5 formation which, when combined with Razor Gors, Chariots or Minos will still be a threat.

Thoughts on this latest iteration?

Thanks for any comments.

15-06-2011, 22:39
If you aren't taking 2x1 trains of Razorgors take 3 units of 1.

Put your lvl 2 in your second Gor block for better protection.

I don't think buying Add'l HWs is worth it for Minotaurs though just 4 maybe it is. Are you running them 2x2? I did that with GW ones and they didn't suck. well,.. they kinda did.

15-06-2011, 23:28
If you aren't taking 2x1 trains of Razorgors take 3 units of 1.

Put your lvl 2 in your second Gor block for better protection.

I don't think buying Add'l HWs is worth it for Minotaurs though just 4 maybe it is. Are you running them 2x2? I did that with GW ones and they didn't suck. well,.. they kinda did.

Why are blocks of 2x1 Razorgors better than just two by themselves? I hadn't thought of running them like that but it might be something to think about.

I was planning on running the Minotarus 4x1. That means 4 extra attacks from the extra hand weapons, 4 impact hits, and 4 stomps. Maybe not worth it, but if there was any formation to take extra hand weapons that would probably be it.

Are you sure about the level 2 in the Gors? I figure that would be less protection. That block of gors will get into combat at some point, at which time the shamen will most assuredly die with only T4 and W2. In the skirmishers there is greater mobility to avoid combat altogether (he'd most likely just sit behind one of the big blocks).

17-06-2011, 14:14
Bump for more looks :)

17-06-2011, 17:17
2x1 trains can get 8 S6 attacks on an enemy BSB/mage and mitigate the number of attacks back on you from the enemy unit.

They aren't 'better' they are just different. Single Razorgors are like Great Eagles. Tactically brilliant and awesome for the stat line. I have four Razorgors converted and painted up so I run 2x1 trains and point them towards characters I would like to see dead. If I didn't have the fourth I would just run three single and use them slightly differently.

IMO it's a 6 of one, half dozen the other. I highly recommend you play lots to see how they work out for you.

I also converted mine out of Orc Boars using two cavalry bases sideways.

By running Mino's 2x2 you again mitigate the attacks back on your and get your supporting attacks still and being only T4 with LA, Mino's can die fast. Again try out both.

If you have a level 2 in a 10 man unit of Raiders, they aren't screening or being pest-like which they do well, and after 4 wounds (not hard to do) you are taking a panic test on LD,... 7? Being T4 helps your Bray Shaman in combat and keeping him on the corner means he's not going to have many attacks on him anyway. Mages are generally just a risk anyway. But feel free to try it out both ways in games. Nothing beats gaming experience.

Hope that helps :)

18-06-2011, 00:12

Thank you for explaining things. It is good to hear not only the suggestions but the reason behind the suggestions.

I might change my 2 Razorgors to 2x1. Sounds like a good assassination unit. Also would be harder to wipe out by missile fire in one turn and cause panic.

I am coming from Ogre Kingdoms where I've used 4x1 Ogre's to some good effect, so I think I'll start my Mino's off like that. I will keep the 2x2 in mind though.

I could stick the Bray Shamen in the Bestigor Horde on a corner like you said, or the other Gor heard. This would free up the Ungors to harassment.

22-06-2011, 18:15
Good luck and hope things go well for you. Beastmen can be a bit of a slow learning curve but are reliable in combat when set up well.