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16-06-2011, 02:55
For the Horde!

Savage Warboss -253
-Sword of Anti Heroes
-Armor of Silvered Steel
-Dawn Stone
-Extra Hand Weapon (because I had the points in case his weapon breaks)
-Str 6 / 5 Attacks first round of combat, with +1/+1 per enemy character.

Savage Great Shaman -290
-Lv 4
-Shrunken Head
-Fencer's Blades
-WS 10, Str 9+ / 6 Attacks first round of combat with Fists up(!), and gives unit, himself, and Warboss 5+ Ward

BO Boss -217
-Mork's War Banner
-Gives SO unit d6 MR, which stacks with 5+ ward for a potential of 2+ on a 3 or better, and makes enemies fight without magic. Great for eating challenges.

NG Shaman -110
-Lv 2
-Dispel Scroll
-Scroll caddy and cheap spells

Savage Orc Big 'Uns x40 -475
-Full Command
-Extra Hand Weapon

Spider Rider Mob x10 -150
-Cheap Core Flanker

Trolls x6 -210
-3 wound, 3 attack, regenerating 40mm bases. Duh.

Black Orc Horde x40 -510
-Musician, Banner
-Eternal Flame Banner
-Flaming Orcs, gotta love it.

Mangler Squig -65
-Too cheap and fun not to take.

Giant -220
-Warpaint (just because I can)
-Runs behind Troll wall to protect from cannons. Like the Mangler, just too fun not to play.

L/H/C/S/R = 543/327/625 (exactly minimum)/720/285 = 2500 pts

C&C welcome, I have yet to purchase all the models, and am brand new to OnG.

16-06-2011, 04:58
This is the cookie cutter list used alot where i live (and probably elsewhere to):

Savage orc warboss (equipment varies)
Black orc bsb (again varied equipment)
Savage orc lvl 4 (ws10 blades, shrinken head)
Additional characters if you wish

Huge unit of savage orcs
Huge unit of black orcs
Single goblin chariots
Single trolls

Performs realy well but dull to face. Tournament 2 weeks ago saw at least 8 o&g armies and 5 of those had the above. At least 4 ended up in top 10 (won and third place). That was under ETC restrictions as well. Its more powerfull without.

My advice is avoid it unless you play only tourneys

16-06-2011, 14:36
Its a very solid list, I would consider trading the spiders and the giant for a huge horde of night goblins with nets. For 370 pts you can get 101 with nets, banner, msc.

I would give the standard of discipline to whatever unit your general goes in for 15pts you get a leadership 10 orc general, its really worth taking.

17-06-2011, 02:33
I've made concessions to get a NG shaman in the list, but I'm not gonna cave in my theme completely and take a unit of NGs. I'm going for Savage Hordes not "Ha ha i'm steadfast until the end of time".

The warboss, being savage, goes into the savage orcs. They cannot take magic banners.